Step 4: Band of Square Crystal Ring

Starting from Czech bead on the side of the square, add 6 seed beads on each thread, add 1 more seed bead on one side, then with other side thread, put the needle through, repeat 3 more times, (check for size of finger, for smaller fingers do twice more). Then add 6 beads on ether thread, then go through opposite side from where you started Czech bead.
Go to opposite side, so if looking from side one thread comes out of side of middle Czech bead and one on the end of the 3 Czech beads. For middle one add 2 beads then let needle go through 3rd seed bead of band just done add 3 more seed beads, on other thread add 6 beads, add 1 more bead on one, thread through with opposite needle, carry on until you have finished the band
If this is not too your liking try the variation below.
You can even just make one thin band starting from middle Czech bead, using the same method below on variation.

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Bio: Hi, I am passionate about making crystal rings with Swarovski Crystals, I have a site on them.
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