See If Your Fish Had Babies





Introduction: See If Your Fish Had Babies

I woke up one morning to fid my fish's tank unclear. After inspecting, I found that Sunshine and Moonlight had had babies.

Here are some ways to know if your fish had babies

Step 1: Unclearness in the Water

The water should look unclear, or milky. These are the female fish's fluids.

Step 2: Litle Creatures on the Bottom of the Tank

There should be little beige fishies on the bottom of the tank. The should be 3-4 millimeters long, and a bit see-throughy

Step 3: Umbilical Cords EVERYWHERE!

You will find little umbilical cords all over the place. They're length will be 1-1 1/2 centimeters long



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    NO SPECIES OF FISH HAVE UMBILICAL CORDS! Only mammals have that distinction. Love, if you aren't a grown up, you will learn about this in biology 101. If you are an adult, shame on you. Stop writing about things you know nothing of and please, don't you have any babies! Does "Instructables" edit this stuff?

    good grief! lay off the girl!!

    cool! are they platys. I have a bunch of guppies that had babies. I think I had almost 200 of them in a bowl once.
    P.S. don't worry about what others say.

    If you think these are gold fish don't get fish try sea monkeys

    They look like platys.

    Those are livebearers, not goldfish. I'm guessing either platys or swordtails.

    I feel like I should point out that your bowl is filthy. Fish do not have umbilical cords (except perhaps mosquito fish), you are actually looking at poo. I'm hazarding a guess that the cloudy water is just amonia buildup from feeding them too much or not doing water changes.

    And I think that baby in step 2 is dead; they're not really supposed to lie on their sides like that.

    Fish don't have umbilical cords what you see on the picture is poop and a very dirty tank...

    every fish breeds differently and eggs hatch and look different so your little guide is pretty usless ....

    I guess, these fish are goldfish though...