Seed Cleaner (separator)





Introduction: Seed Cleaner (separator)

Most pet birds peel seeds before eating. The result is filling the feeders peels that is not eaten.

So you can't know how much food is inside the feeder... There are some ways like blowing, etc., but is not as effective.

Having this problem I was looking for solution that can easily separate the seeds from the peel.

I have some ideas and after some search on the internet i came to construct the following layout :

Step 1: Watch the Video

What is this ? Thiw is a machine that separates the peel from the seeds !

Step 2: How It Works ?

Blue ---> seeds

Red ---> wind

Green ---> peel

As seen from the figure above mixture (seed - peel) comes from the upper runs down the path as that blows air fending off << light >> shells and letting fall the << heavy >> seeds. So the two bowls are ready and segregated seeds from peels!

This construction has a hair dryer for engine and the other system is of a shoe box and cardboard!

Step 3: That's It

Important notice !

You mustn't mix the seeds from different cages to avoid diseases !



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    9 Discussions

    nice job.I need to separate acorns from leaves and will scale this up to hit my mark! You read my mind!

    I tried this with valerian seed and it didn't work at all. No adjustments I tried worked. Not saying this gadget doesn't work, cause I know it does, but valerian is just too light.

    1 reply

    Try to <<play>> with the air amount will give in order to find the correct ratio and i think that it will work


    2 years ago

    Simple and effective - nice!

    I'm going to sweep up airsoft bbs with a shop vac and use this to separate sawdust and dirt from the bbs

    1 reply

    I liked it very much, thanx