Picture of Seed Starting in Everyday Household Objects.
This spring I've suddenly gotten into gardening, so I figured I'd share what I've been using to start my seeds. These are mainly older seeds, that I didn't plant last year, or from last year's crop, and since I'm not sure they'll grow, I want to make sure by planting them inside first.
These planters mainly came out of my recycle bin, or were rescued from the trash can, and almost all of them were previously used to store food, so they shouldn't contain any harmful chemicals. 

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Step 1: Egg Carton Seeds

Picture of Egg Carton Seeds
Pretty old school, this one. And space-efficient without crowding the seeds, especially if you use the 18 egg cartons.
Since I already have a lot of seeds started, and am running out of window sill space I don't have a real picture of an egg carton planter, but I will explain as best I can, with the help of the picture.

Cut the cover/top off, then fill one or both sides with dirt or potting soil and plant your seeds. Easy as a mud pie. 

The best egg cartons to use for this are the cardboard type ones, as you can just cut off the bottoms and put it straight into the ground when it's time to get it outside. (Of course you could do the same with plastic or styrofoam ones, but it's not very eco) 

Step 2: Milk/Cream Carton

Picture of Milk/Cream Carton
This is actually two planters. Cut it in half and the side you would usually pour from can be taped up (DUCT TAPE!!) and used as a planter as well. 
Pros- Mostly Waterproof because they had liquid in them before. 
Cons- If you don't tape up the top side really well it leaks.