Seed Starter Greenhouse Made From on Hand Materials





Introduction: Seed Starter Greenhouse Made From on Hand Materials

My last greenhouse was overcome with mold, so to prevent giveing the mold a place to live I ended up throwing it out. However I wanted to start new seeds soon and I am working on a limited budget so making a trip to the local hydroponics store was out of the question. I was able to make a new one with materials on hand in the true diy style

Step 1: Pick Your Victims and Get Started...

I started with an old pan that I couldnt stand to use to eat off of but didnt want to throw away just for some reason like this.

Step 2: Prepare Pan

Then, I covered the pan with plastic sheeting that I also had on hand ( dont ask me from where though ). I used hot glue to attach it, the glue was too hot so the plastic melted. If you have epoxy on hand that would have been better, but the whole point was not to have to leave the house and not spend money...

Step 3: Create the Stands for the Sides

I started by cutting off the top of a pop bottle. Then I cut the remainder lengthwise so that they could be used as supports.

Step 4: Add Supports to the Pan

Attach sides to the pan. Thus ending the assembly part of the pan.

Step 5: Create the Dome

I dont actually know if the green color of a greenhouse actually matters for starting seeds. But I do know the purpose of this is to keep a high moisture level in the greenhouse. Lucky for me ziplock baggies are green-ish colored. The top took four large baggies to get enough scrap. This was one of the only ways that I thought could cover all of the area with the least amount of bags. Again the hot glue melted the bags, but it could seal the holes just as quickly... The idea here is to create an air tight seam so that you can keep moisture in.

Step 6: Finished.

I haven't gotten a chance to test this out fully, but the seeds will be finished soaking by tomorrow. Then ill start germinating. In a week or so ill be able to start trying this guy out. At that point ill update it again.

On a second note, this is my first instructable though I have been watching the site for quite a while now. So, feel free to lamblast the thing if you can find any valid reason to. Tell me what you think!

Meico Tenkawa



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    Nice idea . Thanks

    do u need it completly sealed? i thought plants need to have co2 to live. this would cut off the supply of co2, suffocating the plant right?

    plants breathe both oxygen and Co2 and they also give off both oxygen and Co2. however it would be a bad idea to to completely seal the container as it would encourage mold. you generally want a very small air vent to allow a bit of moisture to escape

    I made one but it was very small and not as good as yours but great idea

    I like your idea of using pop bottles for the supports. I have done similar things with sticks but they poke thro the plastic. Your idea is much better. Thanks.

    sweet. gotta do this for my bean.

    hey as far as the green color goes, studies have shown that green colored light actually is detremental to plants. I don't think it will matter too much in this case, because the bags are rather transparent, and the plants are just starting from seed. the reason green light can kill plants is actually quite interesting. see, plants look green to us because they reflect the green part of white light (ROYGBIV) so in effect, when only exposed to green light, the plants theoretically are reflecting the light of this wavelength, and are basically not absorbing any light at all. unfiltered sunlight is best, but I read somewhere that UV filtered sunlight works even better, and pure red light is a close second to natural light.. ..or something like that.. anywho, I don't really think it will matter much in this case because the plants are starting from seed, and aren't really relying on sunlight until the main leaves start to grow.. aye!

    Absolutely, I was going to mention why most plants are green but you beat me to it. The fact that he is using a green colored plastic is helpful because it will help reflect a lot of the green frequencies of light before they reach the green plant leaves. I wonder, though, if he used a really green plastic cover if the plants would over time turn a different color....

    Would this work good for growing pot?