This is a follow-up to the Sega Genesis Model 1 region modification.

This allows you to switch from ENG <--> JP

-->You will need:
-->Soldering Iron
-->Philips head screwdriver
-->Non-conductive tape
-->SPDT Switch (I think it's called that. It has three connection points on the bottom)
-->Razor Knife
-->Drill with Drill-Bits
-->Thin gauge wire (Three different colors)
-->Wire strippers
-->Wire cutters

Please read ALL of the image notations, as they are of great importance.

Step 1: Time to Take Things Apart!

Unscrew everything and completely dismantle the Genesis!
<p>Looks like a really fun mod! Great instructions, too! I'd try it, but I don't have any Japanese games, and I almost broke my Genesis doing a power light mod (I made it green)</p>
This is Pin 107 and not&nbsp;Pin108!<br /> But it is the right Pin!<br /> <br /> Alexander.

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