Picture of Segway Costume
Here's how to make a hilarious Segway costume.  You can make one for under $60 if you already have a bike helmet.  My friends and I were a group of 6 Segways (a Chicago Segway Tour), but this would also be great for Paul Blart Mall Cop or Gob from Arrested Development.  Once you have the materials, each Segway costume only takes a couple of hours.
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Step 1: What you'll need.

Picture of What you'll need.

Here's the shopping list, along with approximate prices.  Note:  The Pool Noodle and Camping Waist Pack are missing from the photo below.



2 - 15 qt. Oil Drain Pans - $8 each
2 - Small Ice Scrapers - $3 each
1 - Mini Backpack - $9
1 - Camping Waist Pack - $8
1 - Car Cupholder - $2 (enough for 5 costumes)
1 - Large Pool Noodle - $1

6 ft. - 3/4" PVC pipe - $1
4 - 3/4" PVC 90 degree elbows - $1 each
1 - 4 Tier Black Plastic Utility Shelf - $24 (enough for 6 costumes)
1 - Grey Electrical Conduit Junction Box - $3
1 - 3" long nut with bolt + washer - $1
1 - Pack of Black Zip Ties - $1

1 - Pair of Pants (light color is better)
1 - Pair of Shoes (light color is better)
1 - Bike Helmet

Scroll Saw
PVC Cement + Primer
Utility Knife

1 - Safety Vest (Segway tours wear safety vests sometimes, and it looks funny)

Step 2: Cutting the platform.

Picture of Cutting the platform.

The shelves will become the platform of the segway.  First, take one of the shelves and cut it in half.  After it is cut in half, cut a rectangle out of the cut side, about 6 inches deep.  Leave the side walls of the shelf.  You should end up with a sort of U-shaped piece.

mfoley23 years ago
Thanks for the great costume! Here is a link to the one i made. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mmfoley/6274648721/

I do have a suggestion though... unless I missed something, it doesn't say what size conduit box to get. To hopefully save somebody some time, it is the 1" conduit box that you need.
ilpug3 years ago
such a great way to annoy those bothersome segway tourists.
Med07733 years ago
it's realy gud
ashwinlit4 years ago
CXan you please put a video on it (a) or send me a video :)
prixprix4 years ago
This is great!
Here is my version, non motorized Segway. http://www.slida.orconhosting.net.nz/pics/gallery1_05.jpg
Tkdwn4 years ago
Inline skates would be cool on your feet so xou can drive the segway. :)
Cracknel4 years ago
* * * * * for the idea :)
noobiefied4 years ago
... beasting.
capincrnch4 years ago
Really cool.....
lemonie4 years ago

Very effective.