OK so I have a old DEI 555t module laying around. It is a module for a remote starter system for a GM. So I saw the Hack it contested and want to make something for it. So first thing was to get the thing open and see what I had to work with. So grab a small screw driver and a pair of pliers.

Step 1: Its Open

Now that we have cracked the case lets see what we are working with. So I see we have 10 switches, 10 resistors, 2 relays and some wires. Hey here is an idea. Lets make something were I can pick a resistor on the fly. Well I don't need anything that is not a switch or a resistor. Lets get rid of what is not needed.
Did you look at any of the other pages of this instructable? If you go to page 3 you can see the relays have been taken out. As for a schematic I guess I will have to download something to make one with.
so you're using the relays to short out some of the resistors? can you post a schematic?

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