Hey! A ton of you guys wanted me to post the V1 of this, so I made a different one that shoots 15 feet further and looks almost the exact same! Let's see those Pros and cons!

50 feet range!
2 bullets shot at a time (it's a shotgun!)
Looks amazingly cool!
has a compartment in the stock where you can put extra bullets!
The gun breaks apart if you shake it hard and sharply

no pin guide

This gun can hold alot more bands than a gun with one pin, because this one has 2 firing pins sharing the same elastics.

This would be a good primary war gun, or a good gun if you just wanna shoot some targets!

Step 1: Real/ Fake Barrel

This is the big barrel! Get buildin'!
1: What you'll make
3: Build the side panels
4: make the grip young padawan!
5: we gonna make this block
6: make all the stuff for the block
7: Put pieces on that tiny panel
8: add another layer!
9: mirror what you just did and add the rest
10: put together, don't get scared of the spider!
11: an ugly picture...... whatever. Add all those blue rods and the white rods.
12: Add that long piece!
13: get two of these and add them on either side

Finito! Good job padawan! Next step!
<p>Nice gun! This is my first K'NEX break-action gun and/or shotgun, so thanks for posting it!</p>
<p>here coms him a tinrkerer</p>
find a big group ,get a machine gun ,hide , fire ,kepp on firing.<br>The enemy will be confused and shoot randomly, you can them kill them :)
its great, made seperate triggers and added a sight and grenade launcher. In my opinion the best assault weapon i ever had. coupled with a pistol i designed (looks like a .44 automag) i never lose battles. if anyone wants me to post the automag drop a comment on my profile.
Awesome! Thanks for building it, and maybe you could show me a pic of your rifle?
yeah sure, ill have to convince my sister to let me use her camera as ia m too lazy to clean up and find my own unless you want crappy low quality pictures from a video camera that cost 30 bucks. and i took off the nade launcher but ill try to put it back on and i converted back to a single trigger but ill put two on again if you want <br>
Sounds good!
AGES ago I built and loved this gun.<br><br>About 10 months later (now) out of bordem I built it - an I LOVE it AGAIN!<br><br>I love break action guns.<br><br>Beasty gun mate. The 1 of 3 guns ive built 2+ times
Haha, thanks :D
Nah its ok.
fugrrrrrrrr i wasted 2 and half hours of my life building this gun and whne i finaly finished it and i got to shoot it i shot it self to pices so now i can be arsed to re build thx any way good i dea try make a new one only 1 barel plzzzzzz and dosent destroy it self
No one has ever had that problem.
dose anny one have or know a better singel baraled brake action shotgun that dosent destroy it self and part of my face thats righ it made me bleed when it blew it self up (awwwww!!)
hey im trying to make this gun right then i get to the next step and im out of white snow flakes parts can u do the instructions for less pices and only us never minde idea can i make the gun using the blue snow flakes with a grove in them?<br>
if you remove the front towards the grip and the stock you will have a sorta spaz 12 or something or a normal shot gun!
http://www.japanairsoftguns.com/store/images/products/mkkt2shotgun.jpg --&gt; de mkkt2 airsoft, this is sorta what you get if you remove the stock and the front of the barrel towards the grip.
ahhh, sort of. What gun is that?
a shotgun ?
i finished it without the front and the stock, it is very good! i used 2 rb's it's a normal regular shotgun :)
Thanks man :)
you are welcome ;)
that's right! :P did you looked at my ible? did you? did you!?
YA! I put the link for it right at the top of my instructable for the ranger.
JIPIIEEEEEEE =D id did the same! do you like it?
ja, it's pretty good ;)
ok thanks ^^!
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Man... And I thought DJ Radio was the best in the biz. I obviously didn't see this back then
XXDDDD if u think hes epic check out blue mullet
Isn't this basically just a double-barrelled rifle? Hint the 2 barrells. No such weapon like this.<br><br>P.S. If I offended you I don't mean it, Seleziona.
Actually, I'd say &quot;shotgun&quot; describes it perfectly, even in its range.
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Yes, stir fried broccoli is good!
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Agreed :D
nice gun, i built it and modded the trigger so it can fire separately. And i added a stand.
Nice job!
Nice bed. xD
Not my bed :P
nice gun
so just to make sure this gun does wat this gun does<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Break-Action-Shotgun/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Break-Action-Shotgun/</a>
Should you choose to be the scout, or have a scout-like variety of weapons, make sure you have a good sidearm that can pick off people from a distance, (maybe semi-auto). Pick a gun that has a great rate of fire for the few quick seconds that you'll be attacking your enemy, and make sure you warm up before you play, as the scout is built for running all over the place.

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