Sorry for some reason all the text keeps disappearing.

I have Seleziona's permission to post this

Welcome to my (Seleziona's) version of the Steyr AUG A2.

- (IMO) Looks good.
- Fake flash hider.
- Silencer (optional.)
- Sling mounts.
- Removable mag.

- Horrible range
- Kinda flimsy.

If I fix that I'll post.
Tips are more than welcome, haters not go spam someone else.
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can you post instructions for this? No offense to Seleziona, but you did a great job modding it to look more like a real AUG. I hate to say this, but seleziona's AUG doesn't quite look like an AUG, so this looks better. Again, no offense Seleziona.
Senior Waffleman made a way better AUG and he posted instructions. This on is not that great. Maybe I'll rebuild mine sometimes soon. But I'm not using K'nex as much as I used to. Sorry
Oh, well that's okay. I have Senior Waffleman's AUG bookmarked on my Ipod. So i'm going to make that sometime.
Okay, sounds good.
looks a bit 'stretched'
Er zijn tegenwoordig betere. Die van Senior Waffleman bijvoorbeeld.
Awesome, I love the gun, just fix up the handle a bit.
Like I said to SLDxRaPiiDZz I will try to fix the handle, but thanks.
Whoops, sorry. Could you post when you fix things up a bit because I love the gun. I know it was Selezonia's in the first place, but I like yours better.
Thanks I am trying but it is pretty difficult (with the trigger guard.)
Try making a new trigger guard that can work with a new handle.<br>
Thanks I'm trying to rebuild it.
Sorry everyone but the pictures are gone... someone moved them or deleted them(Small chance.) They're probably somewhere but I cant find them from now and since my AUG is gone it's gonna take a while. SORRY for the people who want me to post this SORRY again.
I like it apart from the handle hasnt really got a good angle.
Thanks, and yeah I know that I'm bussy this week so next week I'll work on it and post it.
sounds good, I think it might be ready for posting after that.
Awesome, I was hoping some would post more pics of this. Will there be an instructable.
Yes I will post them probaby coming satuarday.
Okay nice.
Few complaints.<br><br>1- the stock is too long and also doesn't have a good angle. <br>2- The top rail part is too short.
Thanks I'll work in that.
it looks alright
Good job man =D
Thanks, got any tips?
Honestly, no real tips at all =D And I say go ahead and post the instructable of this =D
Thank you =D

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