Step 2: Parts

Unfortunatly the IDG500/ADXL335 chips unsed on the accelometer is End of Life.
So they will no longer be manufacturing those chips and therefore the accelometers.

There are digital versions out there but a complete code change will have to be done to get it working.
Hopefully soon we will have a solution.

We have found a solution


The parts are the same as the previous build except different batteries were used. 

Parts Needed:

•Arduino UNO - Check your local suppliers or eBay.
•Sabertooth 2x25 Motor Controller ( www.dimensionengineering.com or a local supplier)
•5 DOF accelometer (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/11072) ****** new replacement IMU 11/04/2012****** no longer available****
•2 rear end off kids scooters or buy motors and wheels separately (www.oatleyelectronics.com or eBay) Have a look around your area.
•Batteries - SLA batteries are good and cheap. Power drills can be quite inexpensive too or LiPo's if your game!
•Shielded multi core cable for the accelerometer and heavy power cable for the motors
•Deadman switch
•Toggle switch for turning.
•Toggle switch for adjusting balance position.
•DC connector for Arduino.
•DIL pins to suit Arduino
•Double sides tape
•Screws etc
<p>hi this elements is not available? Which it is his replcement?</p>
<p>hello.. I want to do this project.. :D but there's no seller in my country which sell sabertooth dual motor driver.. and i want to replace that with BTS7690 motor driver.. do u think it will work or not? please help me.. :)</p><p>waiting for your answer.. :)</p>
<p>Nice one. Or it's more easy to buy new) http://cityonwheels.net/</p>
please can you send me electronic connection and codes of it at my email address is rajatnegi108@gmail.com.
<p>Need the motor specifications for designing a self balancing two wheeled vehicle</p>
<p>How smooth is the turning? Is it very jerky or slow turning? </p>
<p>could you go into more detail about this frame please</p>
<p>Hi folks,</p><p>Just letting you know I have (finally) managed to get a self-balancer working with one of the newer and much easier to obtain DIGITAL IMU's from Sparkfun.</p><p>I have done a quick Instructable on it here:</p><p><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Self-Balance-Controller-using-DIGITAL-IMU-/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Self-Balan...</a></p><p>Hope it helps somebody.</p><p>John</p>
<p>Thanks for the update John. I'll check out the code and adapt it to ours.<br>Cheers </p>
<p>You push the switch on the top, either forward or back to adjust the upright position.</p>
<p>Hello,</p><p>how to use the buttons to adjust the tilt? </p><p>friendliness, </p><p>Gerry</p>
Hi <br> <br>regarding the Ebaylink for the new IMU. that IMU uses ADXL335 and IDG650 not IDG500!!! <br> <br>Will it work??
<p>Yes they work ok.</p>
Hello,which IMU could make it works,I can't find the 5DOF GY-66 accelometer anywhere,please something could replace it please tell me ,thanks
<p>hi bro</p><p>I have this one <a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/1PC-5DOF-IDG655-ADXL335-Accelerometer-Dual-axis-Gyro-Instrument-Module-/360849814008?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item54045331f8" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.com/itm/1PC-5DOF-IDG655-ADXL335-Ac...</a></p><p>It's working perfectly but I have some tourqe issue that I can't solve it soon</p>
Thanks very much.but I can't get this from eBay in China, and I found the oldest one(the red one)on Taobao <br><br>http://h5.m.taobao.com/awp/core/detail.htm?sprefer=p23590&amp;id=10426407010<br><br>But it's expensive. T.T
Yes it does. Someone has used it and works ok!
<p>hello, if i want it could change the direction ,what should i do</p>
<p>The turn switch in the middle of the handle bars. </p>
<p>hello,i have a new problem, i can't find the 5DOF(5DOF module accelerometer + dual-axis gyro instrument IDG500/IDG655 650 ADXL335) on local store and ebay(in fact, i cant buy anything from ebay in China), i don't know should i do ,if anything could replace it, please tell me ,and thank you very much.</p>
<p>i get it , thanks very much ,i made this now thanks for your sharing. it's cool</p>
I can`t seem to find the 2x52 motor controller, would a 2x25 be ok to use?
Lol. Sorry fixed that mistake.<br>Yes the correct one is the 2x25 sabertooth controller.
Hello, <br>if i use seedstudio 2 single axis gyros what pins should i connect to analog pin 0,2 and 3 from arduino <br>thanq
December 2013: <br>If it helps anyone I have just found out that Seedstudio sell analog accelerometers and gyros still. <br> <br>The &quot;Grove&quot; series of analog sensors from Seedstudio. Details below. The scaling factors in software may need tweaking but at least they are still available to buy: <br>3 axis analog accelerometer <br>http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_3-Axis_Analog_Accelerometer <br>Buy here: <br>http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/grove-3axis-analog-accelerometer-p-1086.html <br>and here: <br>http://www.dawnrobotics.co.uk/grove-3-axis-analog-accelerometer-adxl335/?gclid=CNDQ9fzmqLsCFSoewwod7gYA_w <br> <br>Also they do an analog 3 axis accelerometer: <br>Buy here: <br>http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/grove-single-axis-analog-gyro-p-1451.html <br>and here: <br>http://www.dawnrobotics.co.uk/grove-single-axis-analog-gyro/ <br> <br> <br> <br>
i ordered the 5dof from ebay but its not recieved it for 5 mnths now.any other trusted sites from where i can get it.. <br>thanq
Which is better: <br>Chain or belt? <br>And how much RPM motor should i choose? <br>Thanks.
Hey guys, great work! I'm in the middle of a build using xenonjohns code as well and am running into some trouble. I commented on his project, but was hoping I might be able to see what you guys think...the comment includes some of my values and a link to a video of my bot. Comment can be found here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-build-self-balancing-skateboardrobotsegway-/?comments=all#C2KJADTHLJV1SSK any help would be greatly appreciated!
with the sabertooth is there any substitutes i can use
There are other motor controllers but we have used this one because of the reliability and robust against burning out!
when i test the codding on the audrino app it says <br> <br>sketch_sep02a.ino: In function 'void initSabertooth()': <br>sketch_sep02a:58: error: 'BYTE' was not declared in this scope <br> <br>As of Arduino 1.0, the 'BYTE' keyword is no longer supported. <br>Please use Serial.write() instead. <br> <br>sketch_sep02a.ino: In function 'void set_motor()': <br>sketch_sep02a:513: error: 'BYTE' was not declared in this scope <br> <br>As of Arduino 1.0, the 'BYTE' keyword is no longer supported. <br>Please use Serial.write() instead. what do i do please help
Open it with a pre 1.0 version of arduino. <br>eg version 0023 <br> <br>We haven't updated the code to version 1.0 or greater as we are rewriting it to suit the digital IMU.
hello sir, <br>since where i live m not able to get the required electronics bt me and my friend have decided to build our segway,i somehow managed to get imu n uno bt again sabertooth unavailable,bt i gt a same specification motor controller.will it cause changes in coding???it has same pins as per sabertooth.need ur guidance sir <br>thank u
If the controller is exactly the same then it should work!
Greetings sir, <br> Do u have a code and drawing diagram for a detailed instruction for a newbie like me using a single ebike hub without controller? i want to use just a single wheel. <br>....my email ... vinnfernandez@yahoo.com <br>
Nope sorry!
Sir the replacement u provided for the IMU also is not available in my proximity,will it b fin if i use IMU Digital Combo Board - 6 Degrees of Freedom ITG3200/ADXL345,wat necessary changes would be required
Hi,<br>That would require a complete software change!<br>We are looking at this and hopefully have software sometime soon.
sir is it possible to use a joystick for steering plz reply <br>thankyou
Yes just use the code and circuitry from here.<br>http://www.instructables.com/id/SciChair-Balancing-Electric-Chair/<br>
greetings sir, <br> my motors are not responding as per the tilt of the IMU board...it is responding slower... <br>do i want to go for the program edit or check the functionality of the sabertooth board?? <br>
Have you changed the dip switch setting as per instructions? <br>Are they working at all? What IMU board are you using?
don't you use any encoder?
Nope. Not yet. Soon.
Hi Rod, <br>Have you come across anyone who has tried bldc bike hub motors for a segway build? I can see various pros (ease of mounting, no chains or belts) and cons (price) and torque characteristics should be ok. A couple of things that I am unsure about is would BLDC controller response affect ability to balance, are there any problems continuously changing forward and reverse at slow speeds and if you use large bike wheels and have the load platform and centre of mass a lot lower than the axel about which everything pivots, I presume this would make it more stable when stationary, how does it affect driving dynamics? <br>Thanks <br>Wayne.
Hi Wayne,<br>I have seen a unicycle that uses a BLDC. <br>It was called SBU and was on mythbusters.<br>So it works and you don't have to worry about lowering the mass below the alex. It doesn't matter.<br>I'd say you need a custom controller for the low speed.<br>Someone here was going to look at a BLDC segway at some stage but it's a long way off.<br><br>Rod
Hi, <br> <br>i think I got everything. However my scooter is flying off at full speed once I try to balance it. I am using a 24v battery but 36V 300W motors. What Torque and Power do you suggest? Is 1 and 0.1 or 2 and 0.2 too low? With your settings this thing is going to fly!
Since one motor looks at the opposite direction from the other, do I have to wire the motors on the sabertooth so that the one is connected inverted? Or does the software takes care of that?

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