Step 2: Parts

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Unfortunatly the IDG500/ADXL335 chips unsed on the accelometer is End of Life.
So they will no longer be manufacturing those chips and therefore the accelometers.

There are digital versions out there but a complete code change will have to be done to get it working.
Hopefully soon we will have a solution.

We have found a solution


The parts are the same as the previous build except different batteries were used. 

Parts Needed:

•Arduino UNO - Check your local suppliers or eBay.
•Sabertooth 2x25 Motor Controller ( www.dimensionengineering.com or a local supplier)
•5 DOF accelometer (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/11072) ****** new replacement IMU 11/04/2012****** no longer available****
•2 rear end off kids scooters or buy motors and wheels separately (www.oatleyelectronics.com or eBay) Have a look around your area.
•Batteries - SLA batteries are good and cheap. Power drills can be quite inexpensive too or LiPo's if your game!
•Shielded multi core cable for the accelerometer and heavy power cable for the motors
•Deadman switch
•Toggle switch for turning.
•Toggle switch for adjusting balance position.
•DC connector for Arduino.
•DIL pins to suit Arduino
•Double sides tape
•Screws etc
aol10443 years ago
I can`t seem to find the 2x52 motor controller, would a 2x25 be ok to use?
ScitechWA (author)  aol10443 years ago
Lol. Sorry fixed that mistake.
Yes the correct one is the 2x25 sabertooth controller.


bujanglayo2 years ago
don't you use any encoder?
how did you create the "motherboard" exactly...did u find a kit online or somewhere. i want to build me one!!
Do the rear end motors need to be the same for them to work together?
ScitechWA (author)  4lifenerdfighter2 years ago
It is better for them to be the same. There is steering correction in the software using the gyro but it is better if they are the same.
nimith3 years ago
One More Question :-

For the 5 DOF replacement from the SParkFUN. is that already have reg just connect to +5 V from Arduino?

ScitechWA (author)  nimith3 years ago
Actually connecting the +5V to the RAW input would be better for the new IMU.
mmurtagh3 years ago
I would like to know long the batteries can last on one full charge?

Thanks Matthew
ScitechWA (author) 3 years ago
The motors are here.

Out of stock at the moment.
They are 24Volt/100Watts but you can use what ever you want.
No brand on the motors. From china I would say.

You can use the motors and brackets that John used on his skate board,
motors are from the same supplier as above.

It was designed so kids could ride it but most of us are 100Kg and it move us around ok.

crusso3 years ago
Great job!
can you please provide more information about the motor? How many Watts, brand and model.
Is this scooter suitable for an adult or just for kids?