Self Defence Key Chain





Introduction: Self Defence Key Chain

The basic idea behind the key chain is to be light weight, non lethal way to have defensive advantage when attacked without being obvious that you are carrying something that can hurt.

To make something useful isn't much work but you will need a few thing to make it happen.

You will need
- Some para-cord(I ended up using about 3 meters)
- Knife or Scissor (Useful for cutting, sad if you cut yourself)
- Lighter or Matches.
- Ball bearing, Steel ball or something similar(Mine was a 20mm steel ball from a hardware store)

Step 1: To Get the Show on the Road.

First thing you need to do is to cut some para-cord into length. I used about 2 meter and my finished project ended up being about 550mm long. If you use a bigger ball or want a longer chain you would probably need more para-cord.

Once the cord was cut, I used a lighter to melt the tips to prevent they from fraying. Once done I started with a monkey knot to enclose and hold the weight in the chain.

I am skipping a few step to avoid confusion I am ''Knot" going to show you how to make a monkey fist because you will probably  end up hurting yourself. Instead I will just give you this link.

If you used the the link, step 19 & 20 would be replaced inserting the ball and to pull the monkey fist tight so that both end are still exposed.

Step 2: Enter the Monkeys Fist

Once the monkey fist is completed and both ends are visible, you can either work the long end towards the short end or if you have enough cord on both end to spare, to cut them to the same length.

Once that's done, cut a piece of cord twice the length of a single strand from the monkey fist. The next step is to tie the loose piece of cord to the monkey fist by laying the cord across the monkey fist between the two strands. The two ends of the monkey fist should then be tied so that its keeps the loose cord in place.

Step 3: The Braide

Once the monkey fist is done and a second cord is inserted, you may notice that there a four ends to be braided together. There are are a few options to choose from but from from a point of ease and time, I chose to do a braid similar to a hair braid. I don't know wat it is call but anyway you could do a different braid or a Portuguese sinnet.

Like I said, I did a braid similar to a hair braid and once almost done I left about 15cm worth of cord to make a double wall knot.

Once the wall knot was done I knotted two of the four remaining tip together. The two remaining tips was shorten and hidden inside the wall knot.



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    Why did u even post this if ur not going to show people how to do it

    Woot! My local prohibited weaponry laws state nothing about slungshots or monkyfists,.. but the do prohibit slingshots and a bunch of other stuff..

    I'd like to suggest checking local laws before carrying something like this. Some areas would consider it a sap or blackjack and carrying it would be illegal, with possible prison time if caught with it, much the way numchucks are banned in some areas.

    2 replies

    Yep, in Florida, making this would be a 2nd degree misdemeanor. 790.09 of Florida statutes.

    I am sure the law would be much of a problem if you use it as a key chain and not as a weapon. Part of the reason I used a 20mm ball is that would be hurt and not deadly. Also here in South Africa the law states that in a self defense situation you may use a equal or less force as your attacker as long he/she is a treat.

    i always have my bikechain atachted to my trousers..
    works good:) knowone even tries to atack

    Hey, I have got the same pocket knife, awesome!

    ^^ What he said. Anything heavy "Shot", tied into a cord "Slung", is technically a "SlungShot". Sailors used to whip those together when going into an unfriendly port. The law often specifically mentions them in the dangerous weapons list, around the same place as saps, cudgels and blackjacks.

    batteries, d cell also in a tube sock, tubee socsare at leat 14 inches before stretched
    a dorty tube sock , realy is frightful.
    i need to make a stun fun type device that goes on ny backpack or elbows. many imes , when on my bike i have been attempted o be grabbed by yhe b ackpack while on he bike. They like to steal the backpack, know there is goodies in there.
    like a walking /riding pinata ! urban life, luckily they have only gone after me when i was on a crest or top of hill.. On the uphill side i am dead meat

    in urban areas and schools a popular weapon is a heavy combo lock in a tube sock. it gives a hell of a whack and neither item is illegal,. . So after beating you they just toss the lock and the sock. Very little evidence if found. Same goes for a tube sock filled with a couple rolls of pennies

    1 reply

    Yes, I think someone has watched to much CSI (joke), I saw on Ross Kemp on Gangs that the gangs in Polsmoor Prison use a Tin Cup and Belt.

    tube sock with a master lock is standard hoodlum gear in this area. works well as easily disposed of

    I wouldn't market this as a self defense weapon.

    Personally, if I was in a fight and someone hit me with this, it wouldn't stop me. It'd probably just piss me off.

    A key or ring (with gem) is a much better self defense weapon. A larger key can brace a fist, work as a stabbing weapon, a gem will work as a slashing weapon...etc.

    A 20mm steel ball is only going to piss someone off, and probably get you hurt more.

    A small keychain kubotan will do a better job. With some practice pressure points can be effective, but they also make a great fist brace.

    I'd add a disclaimer saying that it shouldn't be used in self defense, or at least that you aren't liable for when a mugging becomes a severe assault because they pissed the guy off by hitting him with a little ball on some rope.

    1 reply

    Yes, after giving some thought a kubotan would be a better self defense weapon since it's a lot is simpler to use and there's a less likely chance for you hurting yourself.

    Dont wanna be a wet blanket here, but that doesnt look like paracord to me. Could be wrong though.

    1 reply

    Hi I would probably say in between it was sold as paracord on a spool at the camping store. The guy told me it was cheaper type without a core and a lower breaking strength that they sell as replacement tent lines. The same guy also mentioned that order me a roll but it would have been 330m and I had to take the whole roll.

    Thanks for the comments, never thought about the computer mouse ball and I am sure it will hurt.

    If you can find junked computer mice with the balls still in them, get them the balls are about 1/2 inch. Using a similar technique you can make a bolo. With practice at throwing it, you can take down larger birds and small game. Just remember to carry something to finish them off.

    A nice use of paracord.
    A key is pretty good by itself as a self defence weapon.