Self Driving Car Using Arduino(autonomous Guided Vechicle)





Introduction: Self Driving Car Using Arduino(autonomous Guided Vechicle)

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fully autonomous cars, without steering wheels or brake pedals are most hot topic in 2017 .so i decided make something like that but it was soo challengive !

in my project self driving car or autonomous guided vehicle is a self-piloted vehicle that does not require an operator to navigate and accomplish its tasks. My autonomous vehicle is presented which employs a GPS Receiver Module to capture the GPS signal and determine the current location of the vehicle. The system is controlled using an Arduino uno, a magnetic compass sensor and DC motors. The compass sensor determines the vehicle direction by continuously providing measurement of heading. The micro-controller drives the DC motors to move the vehicle to a manually entered destination coordinates. Obstacle detection and avoidance are achieved by incorporating a ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, and avoidance is implemented by the micro-controller. The designed autonomous vehicle is able to navigate itself independently from one location to a user-prescribed location, using GPS-location data. The vehicle measures the bearing angle, and changes its heading towards the destination and repeats the process as it moves to the destination. The performance of the vehicle is enhanced with a capability to detect and avoid unexpected obstructions placed in its path.

Step 1: Components Required

Step 2: Schematic

  • Attach all components as per in schematic
  • make sure that compass should be isolated from electronic and magnetic field
  • power up the ckt with 9v source

Step 3: Attach All Components to Rover

  • attach all component to rover
  • power up the circuit
  • keep in mind keeep compass away from all other electronic components

Step 4: Programming

for programming u need

  • arduino ide
  • usb cable

follow the link for code

Step 5: Result

self driving car run smoothly but accuracy of gps is very low

watch test video test one

full video comming soon




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    2 Questions

    can u share your library files in your process?


    can u share library files for hmc588l

    its showing like

    autonomous_car1:146: error: 'class HMC5883L' has no member named 'getHeading'

    mag.getHeading(&mx, &my, &mz);


    Where do i get those libraries. I'm getting fatal error upon compiling.

    can you share the library for the compass sensor?
    thank you

    my problem like this:

    sketch_jan22a.ino: In function 'void setup()':
    sketch_jan22a:51: error: 'class HMC5883L' has no member named 'initialize'
    sketch_jan22a.ino: In function 'void loop()':
    sketch_jan22a:73: error: 'class HMC5883L' has no member named 'getHeading'
    sketch_jan22a:102: error: 'class HMC5883L' has no member named 'getHeading'
    sketch_jan22a:133: error: 'class HMC5883L' has no member named 'getHeading'
    sketch_jan22a:144: error: 'class HMC5883L' has no member named 'getHeading'

    Can you upload the whole vedio now please


    @present destination should be add to program as coordinate

    thank you.

    can we change the destination according to our need by mean of a continous communication with the system ?

    Can you please guide me on how to enter the inputs in code ?

    1 reply

    just enter your lat and lon in programm