Hello I am a 14-year-old boy who has experienced many spills while driving up a hill in a car. It has happened so many times, we are going up the hill and one of our cups of soda spills over on our nice carpet barely missing our expensive electronics. And then that smell of coffee soda, or whatever you might be drinking will last forever. But even worse than that Is the times when we would hit a speed bump and our drinks would splash everywhere. But I have the perfect solution a self leveling, shock absorbing, and with a new function, protecting agnaist short stops and short starts too. This cup holder that can level to even the most difficult of hills, can absorb even the bumpiest of speed bumps. And can absorb even the shortest of stops. This can fit into almost all cup holders that are standard. And you can fit any cup in this as you could in a regular cup holder. It can tilt a maximum of 35 degrees which is enough to handle the steepest street in the world, Baldwin street in Dunedin New Zealand! It can also handle even the bumpiest of bumps.AND it can absorb the shortest of stops, with over an inch in either direction. Do to the curved rail it will always be able to spring back to its original form. In this instructable I will be using some of the same steps from the previous project because they have so similar designs.

Here is the link to the finished product:


Step 1: The Part That Will Fit in the Cup Holder

This is the part that will actually go in the cup holder. The dimensions should be anywhere from 2.5 inches wide to 3 inches. And anywhere from 2.5 to 3 inches tall.
Thank you so much for commenting, comments like this make me glad that I started instructables
By the way I am currently making something else that I'm sure that will be even better
I appreciate that there was some definite design and thought into this one unlike others that are robots or something spectacular that it's just the shape of. I really like how it's functional on it's own right out of the printer. This is the kind of thing I think this contest is asking for. Although it isn't the cure to cancer, it is definitely a pretty well thought out and designed invention. This definitely stands out from the rest. You got a vote from me!
Thank you I appreciate the feedback
Very nice, Extremely original!

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