Magnetic Push Forward Toy Car



Introduction: Magnetic Push Forward Toy Car

Magnets are amazing substances that our earth has packed in it. We all know that opposite poles (N-S or S-N) of two magnets attract each other and two similar poles (S-S or N-N) of two magnets repel each other with the same force as they attract each other. This repulsive force is in a way the basis of magnetic levitation whose most common use is in bullet trains.

As you can see that in the GIF image that i have uploaded (I took it from a Facebook Page) asks if the boat will move or not, due to repulsive force between the two magnets.

So in this Instructable i am designing a magnetic push forward and as a result a toy car will go like a pro.

Step 1: Things Required

  1. Hot glue gun.
  2. A small size pull back toy car.
  3. A pair of magnets.

Step 2: Getting Things Ready

  1. Open the toy car and remove all the gear parts that support the pull back action.
  2. Mark the similar poles of the two magnets. I did this with narrow strips of electric tape.
  3. Apply the hot glue to the trunk of the toy car and atach the magnet in a way such that its pole is normal to the plane of car.

Step 3: Ready... Steady... Go...

Now the self perpetual propulsion toy car is ready to get in to action. I have uploaded the videos where you can see it in action.



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