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I will show you how to make a cubic gift card that pops when is pulled out from a book or any other flat hard envelopes.

This is an amazing Valentine card to make for a very special person!

I did it green for visual purposes! but it could be any color depending the ocation

Print the new template that I made and do your own Cubic Card in no time!

pop up card.pdf(595x842) 38 KB

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. sheet of card board
2. scissor
3. cutter
4. adhesive tape
5. book (or envelope)
6. hole maker
7. pen
8. elastic
rubber band
9. glue
10. Imagination
11. see the PDF for the template
pop up card.pdf(595x842) 38 KB
This is fun and i love it
Thanks a lot i am going to try it now !!!!!
I saw this once before as an ad.... It was exactly the same concept
um paper versions don't really work...

wasted a bit of time. but atleast she's appreciative of that. <3
xenor5 years ago
 I give it 24 hours before someone does a weighted companion cube version. :)
over yet? done yet?
VampiricPie5 years ago
 Don Quijote!
Also, cool ible.
juneapaluna5 years ago
Awesome, did you think of this yourself?
beackmaniax (author)  juneapaluna5 years ago
Well I saw these cars (Flat Ryderz) and how they pop out of their pakage, the cube itself has another mechanics but the consept is the same (be splitted and loaded  then and with a pull it pops back up into shape again)

Thanks for your comment!
ha. very cool :) good trick to play on friends at school, maybe something along the lines of putting them in random binders and saying "you've been 'cubed'. pass it on" etc...
beackmaniax (author)  MadBricoleur5 years ago

Yes my friends are always surprised!
some of them even jump when it pops!

Haha cool :) I'm gonna try this tonight with my friends.
Mr.kipkai5 years ago
Nice ! I will make one !
beackmaniax (author)  Mr.kipkai5 years ago
thank you!
I just have to say that i hate Don Quijote with every molecule of my being. just saying.
beackmaniax (author)  MechanicalToaster5 years ago
Yes! It is a big book, isn't it?

on the other side, thanks for comment!
Kaiven5 years ago
Very cool! Even if it's not used as a card, it's a great trick!
beackmaniax (author)  Kaiven5 years ago
Yeah! it is a great trick! Isn’t it?
Hope you like it!
Thanks for your comment!
caitlinsdad5 years ago

I'm sure others would appreciate a template of some kind to resize and print out.  Just upload the file and add to your Instructable.  Good luck!
beackmaniax (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago

I already did the PDF!

Thanks for your suggestion and for you comment!

artquilter5 years ago

I think you could use this for something along the lines of popping out of your husbands briefcase when he opens it at work....surprise dear!

beackmaniax (author)  artquilter5 years ago
Yes that is a good idea!
Thanks for comment!