Inspired by Samsung's new Dual View TL220 digital camera that has a second LCD screen on the front so you can see yourself when you snap your own picture, I velcroed a small mirror to my existing digital camera and saved over 300 bucks!

When I thought about how many pictures I have taken of myself while holding the camera at arms length, I realized that a feature that would allow you to see what you're shooting would actually be pretty darn useful.  

The mirror shows exactly what's in the center of the photo, so as long as I can see a nose or an eye in the mirror when taking a self portrait, I can be pretty sure that the photo will come out well situated.  Bye bye half-head self portrait photos!

Step 1: Inspired by Samsung

Way to go Samsung - this is a good idea!  But, since I've already got a digital camera that meets my needs and hasn't broken *yet*, I thought I'd take 5 minutes and 2 bucks and modify my existing camera to have the same functionality using some old school technology - mirrors baby, mirrors.
Buy a small 2" round convex blindspot auto mirror. The mirror usually has a self adhesive backing which I do not advise on using. Unless you prefer the mirror to be attached to your camera permanently.
That's a really good idea.
Nice work.&nbsp;&nbsp; Here's what I used to do in the pre digital days.&nbsp; If the camera has a regular viewfinder, line it up so you can see light through it from the front.&nbsp; if you can see through the viewfinder from the front, the camera should be pointed directly at you.&nbsp; should be, that is...&nbsp; more and more point and shoots don't have viewfinders, so this trick is quickly becoming obsolete.<br /> <br /> v<br />
I like this tip, which I didn't know about. If there's no viewfinder, why not create a viewfinder on the camera by putting a small tube on the top. When you are looking through it, the lens is pointing at you. Or even better might be just two raised blips, one behind the other on the camera surface. which line up when you are pointing the camera at yourself. These don't need to be big, they could be two small dots of raised paint or two small cut off pin heads. You'd then just need to look at the dots and move the camera so they overlap. This appears to work in a quick mock-up I've tried with a couple of blobs of blutak.
I like this idea a lot! Sadly (or maybe happily), I've got a G10, and there's no room for such a mirror. I plan to make one out of a blind spot mirror for cars and making a bracket to fit to the tripod hole. Need it for videos and such! Maybe I'll make an instructable for it! ;)<br />
possibly, you could use a one-way mirror over the lens?
I just have one question. Lets say you were to decide you want to take the velcro off the camera. Will it come off, since its a sticky based or no? Answer asap pls, thanks. :}
Velcro can leave a horrible, sticky mess, at least the type I use, but there is a remedy: Gasoline. Or lighter fuel. Be careful, though, and use a rag just wetted with the stuff, or else you'll destroy the camera.<br />
I didn't find that the brand name Velcro leaves any sticky residue on my camera, but I can't provide any universal assurances.&nbsp; Even if it does, you could always use some of that Goof Off to remove it.&nbsp; I've always found that stuff to work quite well.<br /> <br /> <br />
congrats on being featured on Lifehacker<br /> http://lifehacker.com/5467624/add-a-self+portrait-mirror-to-your-camera&nbsp;
I came here to post the same thing :p Congrats Noah<br />
he-he<br /> didnt i beat you to it one other time :P&nbsp;
Great idea!,&nbsp; Simple, effective, and cheap!&nbsp; I just have to ask, is that a Squirrel you're holding in the picture?
That is a squirrel that I'm holding. &nbsp;Mr. Squirrels as I&nbsp;like to call him.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> My friend and I&nbsp;taxidermied the little guy after finding it dead, but intact, on the side of the road one day in Oregon.<br /> <br /> Sorry, no Instructable on that one...<br />
I&nbsp;like it. Although I&nbsp;think trying to see my whole big head in such a tiny mirror might be a problem.<br />
&nbsp;Great Idea! I was thinking about something along the lines of this, but just couldn't figure it out, that was right after I heard about the samsung camera on Gadget Pron.<br /> What Lumix camera is that?<br /> model?
I absolutely detest adverts which advertise &quot;free download&quot; and then go on to look for cash- zeech I give up !!!!
&nbsp;I can't believe I never thought of this. Well-played.
&nbsp;Rated and faved it.
Sweet!<br /> That was a punch in the face to samsung!<br />
http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/flagship/TL220/animation.html<br /> Of course it can't do this.<br />
Probably would work good for candids over your shoulder. Spy type pictures. The subject would not be aware of your intentions.
<p>A lot of folks don't realize it, but most cell phone cameras have this feature built-in.&nbsp; Ever notice that little shiny silver dome-shaped thingy right next to the lens on your cell phone?&nbsp; That's what it's for!</p>
that makes alot more sense than 2 screens.good work.
Easy, cheap, effective smart.<br /> <br /> A wonderful 'Ible mate, kudos :)
This is the definition of the word Ingenious.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Amazing job.<br />
It works SURPRISINGLY&nbsp;well.&nbsp; You should mention that part.&nbsp; Really really good.<br />
I&nbsp;think Nikon got it right with their D5000.&nbsp; The screen tilts and swivels to almost any degree you need.<br />
Brilliant. Nice work.<br />
Looks good.<br /> <br /> 5*

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