I am an art teacher in an elementary school and do a lot of projects with my kids that involve photographs. Often I will take a portrait of a student , then, cut their face out. The face will serve as the basis for their activity. Sometimes their theme is friendship, sometimes a season is explored, sometimes another artist's style is explored in their work. (I will include samples of some of these progects at the end of this Instructable)
After the faces are removed from the photograph, I end up with a pile of faceless photos. It kills me to throw away their little bodies so I got this idea to put my face in place of their missing one!
I created this crazy collection of self portraits. The process is fun and simple!

Step 1: Supplies

an assortment of photos
a pair of scissors
and a glue stick
I love your style and you obviously love working with your students. How lucky they are to have you for their teacher! ??
<p>It is good that the kids have and artist and not just a teacher to encourage their creativity and ability to craft. Well done!</p>
I really love this idea! Quite simple and the humor factor is excellent! Thank you for posting!
Thank You! Yes it is a fun, funny project!
These are hysterical!
They are pretty funny I must agree. It is really funny for me to look at these portraits <br> because I know the face that was connected to that body to begin with. I love the photos where they are making art or holding their drawings. Some new ones...I am not sure if I was able to add them or not?
these look great! thanks for sharing!
Thanks, so much fun to make!

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