Self Positioning Solar Panel





Introduction: Self Positioning Solar Panel

This machine will turn itself around in circles until optimal light hits it.


-A garden solar light.

-A motor.

Step 1: Condition the Panel.

Cut the LED bulb from the circuit of the panel, and solder two long wires to the solder points where the LED used to be.

Step 2: Attach the Motor.

Solder the two long wires to the terminals of the motor, and fasten the motor the the outside of the case, at a slight angle.



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    Hi, the motor moves left and right, doesnt it? If so, how does the solar garden light control the motor or is it just moving clockwise or anticlockwise? Sorry, im newbie.

    that's alright, sorry I took so long to reply. The motor will move in one direction in circles, and it will stop when it detects enough light to start generating power. It's a very rudimentary but still effective system.

    if u could explain a bit more about it will be help full..

    I've already explained to the best of my ability. You cut the led off of a garden solar lamp and replace it with a motor, then fasten the motor to the side so it will move when light stops hitting the panel.

    oh ok sliding ok so the photo is tilted oh okok , i thought it was hanging on the wall near the window , hey nice work my friend ..