Self-Solving Rubik's Cube (kinda)





Introduction: Self-Solving Rubik's Cube (kinda)

Some of you may have seen me comment, or mention this, but its my final project for my Drafting and Design class. I am using Inventor 2008 to make and assemble it. It took me approx. 3 hours to build. It is also build to exact scale. I am going to ask the teacher tomorrow if i could print it out on the 3-D printer. I will update this video post with drawings/diagrams of all the pieces some time tomorrow as well. I hope you like it, comments are appreciated along with questions.



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    is this just something you made in an inventor exploded assembly

    thats sweet! do you think there will be a download anywhere?

    yes, i have the files in which to download, but they wont be up for a while, i have finals all this week so I'm going to be a lil busy

    ok. i have finals this week to, thankfully i only have one more, YAY. i was just wondering because i am working on a fishertecnik rubix cube solver and this would help a lot. and also, if possible could i get a editable version? because i would need a way to sync this up with the program the solver will follow.

    you would need inventor 2008 to use the files...

    darn! i have the slowest computer ever, i am luck it runs! if i tried to run anything besides the internet browser it would go very slow.

    besides the program needing a shizz load of power to run, it costs like $2000+

    Not to mention it's 2 gigabytes. I downloaded the student edition (with the 14-month free license) and it took a day to download. And since my computer is crap, I haven't really been able to run it and my 14 months are almost up. D:

    Yeah, you need a pretty bitchin' fast computer to use it properly..