This is a self sufficient Arduino board, which is powered by harnessing solar power and using a 9V rechargeable battery. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in doing Arduino projects that do not require a computer or any power supply. You can take this to the most remote places for any project.

What you will need:
9V Rechargeable battery
Solar cells (About 11V)
1N4001 diode
100uf 10V capacitor
Arduino board
9V battery connector
Power connector (to connect to the Arduino board)
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Step 1: Setting up the Arduino board

Picture of Setting up the Arduino board
This is probably the simplest step (please use the schematic as reference for wiring before doing anything else).

Change the jumper of the Arduino board to "EXT"

Step 2: Understanding the components

Picture of Understanding the components
This step would require you to have a basic understanding of the components and their polarities. This is probably the toughest bit of the setup. For easier understanding, I have used red wires for positive and black wires for negative.

Step 3: Getting the power connector ready

Picture of Getting the power connector ready
Solder the positive and negative wires to the power connector as shown in the picture. The power connectors come in different diameters, so do choose the correct size to fit the Arduino board.

Step 4: Wiring up the circuit

Picture of Wiring up the circuit
This shows the circuit I have soldered. I have made it bigger for easier understanding. It can actually be made much much smaller (half the size or even smaller).
You can download a more detailed document on this from my website at:

You're done! Now you can break away from power points and even have Arduino projects out in natural environments without a problem.
konto895 years ago

would a 12v  200mA solar panel be enough?

Great project. This was part of project I'm working on and now it's done. Many thanks.
p2man (author)  Spritegeezer5 years ago
Thanks :) Glad it helped
zerOne5 years ago

Nice Project. 
But one question, how big should the Solar-Panel be to charge the battery ?
Can it also be to big and overcharge?


p2man (author)  zerOne5 years ago
Thanks for the comment :)

It really depends on the voltage of your battery. Different solar cells have different ampere rating and voltage, so you would not something that is too powerful or too weak in comparison to your battery.