Introduction: Self-Supporting Corner Bookshelf

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Accuracy is very important for the shelf to remain aligned and self supporting.

Step 1: Materials

I added a materials list per request.

1"x6"x10' pine planks 5 x $5 =$25

Stain $3

1"x10' EMT conduit 3 x $5.50 =16.50

3/4" conduit hangers (5pk) 2 x $2.75 =5.50

1" conduit straps (4pk) 3 x $2 =$6

spray paint $5

screws $2

Total =$63

Step 2: Support Poles

Picture of Support Poles

Cut 1" EMT electrical conduit to desired length.

Step 3: Shelves

Picture of Shelves

Cut wood planks to desired length.

Step 4: Drill

Picture of Drill

Drill holes in the longer shelves to accommodate one of the support poles.

Step 5: Sand

Picture of Sand

Smooth out any roughness on the planks with sand paper.

Step 6: Shelf Supports

Picture of Shelf Supports

Build two shelf supports for each shelf.

Step 7: Feet

Picture of Feet

Shape and glue feet for the support poles.

Step 8: Stain

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Stain all the wood. You can follow with poly or other finish if desired.

Step 9: Hardware

Picture of Hardware

The required hardware to support the shelves include tie plates, EMT 2-hole straps and conduit hangers.

Step 10: Prime

Picture of Prime

Prime the poles and hardware.

Step 11: Paint

Picture of Paint

Spray paint the poles and hardware. I chose hammered bronze.

Step 12: Tie Plate

Picture of Tie Plate

Screw a tie plate to the underside of the junction of each shelf.

Step 13: Strap

Picture of Strap

Partially screw the EMT straps to the shelf supports so that they can slide over the poles. Screw the supports to the underside of the shelves.

Step 14: Fasten Shelves

Picture of Fasten Shelves

Fasten the conduit hangers to the corner pole to support the shelves under the shelf holes. Tighten down the EMT straps on the side poles.

Step 15: Build

Picture of Build

Start adding shelves to the poles. When all are in place make sure everything is in proper alignment and tighten down.

Step 16: Fill

Picture of Fill

Align the shelf with and fasten to the wall. Fill with books.


shazni (author)2016-11-28

what are the chances of this toppeling over when pulled on by a kid?

djpolymath (author)shazni2016-11-29

That is going to depend on the dimensions, construction accuracy and force applied. In step 16 I instruct to fasten the shelf to the wall for safe measure. If I had a kid in the house I would fasten it to the wall to the point it could be climbed on.

saderman (author)2016-10-16

SO very awesome! Thanks.

cwarner7 (author)2016-09-26

Materials list?

Yonatan24 (author)cwarner72016-09-28

Doesn't look like there is one...

djpolymath (author)Yonatan242016-10-01

I added a list.

thundrepance (author)2016-09-27


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