Picture of Self Watering House Plant (with water level indicator)

I like the idea of a self watering plant so I thought I would make one. This is the first one I made.

Step 1: Make The Water Wick

Picture of Make The Water Wick

What you will need

1 Ceramic flower pot.

2 A small plastic container that will fit only 1/2 way to the bottom of the Pot. the space underneath will be the water reservoir.

3 An old cotton sock this will be the "Water Wick".

4 Plastic tube. I used an old bubble wand tube. this will be the fill tube also you need to be able to see through it for the water level indicator.

5 A plastic bottle cap just a little larger than the plastic tube.this will seal the fill tube so bugs don't get in to lay eggs in the water.

6 A plant, I had a small potted flower.

First I cut a hole in the center of the plastic container with a 3/4 spade drill bit. Next I split the top of the sock in half. I put the sock through the hole with the split end to the top and the other end long enough to touch the bottom of the pot when put together.


That looks like it could be really useful.