Subterranean Water Reservoir Planter





Introduction: Subterranean Water Reservoir Planter

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How to water less your planter.

Step 1: Items

Items for Subterranean Water Reservoir

    1. 1 planter pot
    2. 1/2 cup of Water Gel / Beads
    3. 1 ice cream cap

    Step 2: The Cap

    Put the cap upside down inside the pot

    Step 3: The Beads

    Transfer the beads and put it on the cap.

    Step 4: The Planter

    Then you can put the dirt and plant your favorite plant...

    Step 5: Video...

    See the video.



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      11 Discussions

      for how long will those beads be able to water the plant? from my understanding those beads are able to trap the water that otherwise would escape from the bottom of the pot and feed it back to the plant. what is their life cycle? 1? 2? months? after how long those are not able to trap water anymore?

      Make sure the cap is food grade plastic...

      Thanks for the question.

      If we used non food grade plastic for our gardening, it will degrade with time and by that, the toxic contained in it will release slowly. The plant roots absorb the water and nutrients from the ground, but also take the toxic. Then, we eat the plant. It's bad for us, in a short or long term.

      I put a link below for more understanding.

      Thank for your concern. The water gel/beads won't last. I much agree to that. However, hopefully the cap will help to hold a few drop of water while we're gone or to prevent the dirt from drying to quickly if there is a drought.

      The jell will last forever. I've been using it in my garden and large pots for years. I use Soil Moist brand because it is safe to use in gardens, not harmful to skin, etc.

      ah, thank you very much. I will try it during the hot summer months :)

      Do the beads contain anything besides agua? And what about the skin?

      1 reply

      Nice to help you...
      I hope this link will answer your questions.