Step 9: Mount the Whole Thing in the Container

Picture of Mount the Whole Thing in the Container
Using the waterproof adhesive, glue the basket onto one side of the cut out lid from step 2, and glue the tupperware containing the valve mechanism onto the other side.

1. Stick the whole thing, basket side down, into the container and glue it around the edge to seal the false bottom in there nice and tight (don't worry it doesn't have to be watertight or anything, you just don't want the bits to move around when you put the soil in).

2. Drill a hole in the side of the container above the valve feed and screw in the hose barb so it sticks out the side of the container.

3. Connect the inside of the hose barb to the valve feed with a bit of hose.

(Note: If you want to save money on those expensive hose barbs, you can just drill a hole and have the hose sticking out the side, I just like the barb because it makes the container easily connected and disconnected to a group of containers. Also, there's no reason you have to put the hose out the side of the container. You can have the feed hose just stick out the top, I just wanted to make sure that the feed is below the level of the reservoir without having to put the reservoir up too high.)

You may notice in the picture that my container is a big mess of adhesive, that is because this project went through several incarnations before I found a shut-off mechanism that worked properly (the one I have described in this instructable). Each of the three versions I went through was torn out and retrofitted with the next, resulting in an ungodly expenditure of adhesive as I had to fix where I had cut before. Yours should be a lot neater, but even if it isn't, it doesn't much matter since the whole thing will be buried under soil anyway.