Step 11: Creating water resevoirs

The white baskets with holes in the sides are your water reservoirs. By flipping them upside down, you create a place for the water to touch the soil through the holes in the side.

Take your PVC pipes, and trace the end in one of the corners of each white basket.

Using either a matte knife, forstner bit, paddle bit, or hole saw cut out the circles so the pipe can fit in the basket.

With the baskets still upside down, place each one in a tub. line up all the pipes (with the edge you cut at an angle inside the basket) so they are on the same side of the table. This should make watering easier.

Now you need to create an overflow hole. Measure down aprox. 1" from the top of your white basket, and drill a hole at that measurement in the short side of the plastic tub. The hole should be just wide enough to fit your milkshake straw. Feed the straw in through the hole, and either line it up with an existing hole in the basket, or make one there in that spot. This is creating an overflow valve, so that when you water, you know when it is filled and you can stop. It will drain outside of the container.
togaclad4 years ago
Nice instructable.
Just a thought. If you're manually filling these then the main purpose the overflow serves is to indicate fill level. In this case you could do away with the overflow and create a simple fill indicator. Something like a ping pong ball with a thin wooden dowel inserted in it sticking out of the fill hole would do the trick. Depending on the amount sticking out you know the level of water. Just seal the hole in the ball or fill the ball with non-expanding foam to keep it water tight. In fact you could add another ball with slightly larger holes through it on the top of the fill tube. That would act as a seal to keep anything unwanted from falling in then lift it up or off to fill.

stormthirst4 years ago
Why not join the different containers with pvc pipe, so you only have to fill from one location?