Step 9: Fabrication

Picture of fabrication
Here is a side view showing the chain arrangement. For now I have used a large sprocket on the wheel and a very small one on the motor (from Azusa engineering in the US). Chain is 219 kart chain. Beware there are about 3 types of chain at least in karting world - do your research carefully, make sure you are buying the right one and that the sprockets match up with it.
The high gear ratio means that the board will not go too fast while I am learning to ride it and it will go up hills. The way to burn out a motor controller is to stall the motor. The computer will tell the controller to put full power through to the motor, this is fine for short burst but not if motor unable to turn, i.e respond, because wheel is stuck against an obstacle for any length of time. As well as having biggest motor you can fit, you need a beefy motor controller to cope with it too.