Step 2: Step 1: Arduino software, libraries.

Picture of Step 1: Arduino software, libraries.
1. Download Arduino v1.0
2. Download Arduino v0023
You can get both of these from Arduino.cc

3. Extract both to separate folders on your desktop.

4. Download and install the TM1638/TM1640 library from here:

5. Place it with your other arduino libraries **ON ARDUINO v1.0**
Google if you do not know how to install a Arduino library.

6. Install ATtiny45 / ATtiny85 support in **Arduino v0023**

   - Download: attiny45_85.zip

   - Locate your Arduino sketchbook folder (you can find its location in the preferences dialog in the Arduino software)
   - Create a new sub-folder called “hardware” in the sketchbook folder.
   - Copy the attiny45_85 folder from the attiny45_85.zip to the hardware folder.
   - Restart the Arduino development environment.