Meet my little tool it may give you a little edge.

Step 1: Flexible Plastic Gift Card May Give a Little Edge

Made from a gift card--this is not a weapon of choice but an easily made little spiked tool that may give a you little edge in a tight spot. Find an old gift card made from plastic but flexible. Scissor, hole punch, ruler and pen.

Step 2: Measure Punch Cut

Measurement will vary to the size of your hand. Punch holes at corner marks. Along the top use hole punch to punch out semi-circles leaving sharp points where punch-outs meet. Cut out center.

Step 3: Hit and Run

Store in wallet. To deploy hold between fingers in your fist. Use more to slash and scratch your assailant. If you must use this defense tool first try to run away but if that is not an option then strike in the soft parts in and around the eyes. Then run. Will collect DNA.

<p>This is pretty neat! I feel like you could make more substantial teeth but using the scissors to cut them into the card rather than the hole punch, but still, great idea. </p>
<p>Great idea. Easy to make (took me about two minutes), lightweight, hit &amp; run ...</p><p>I used a slightly improved design - it is a bit more stable due to the remaining middle part.</p>
Yes, very good.

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