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Introduction: Self-dosing Bird Feeder

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I got the idea of making a bird feeder from the fact that in our area are various birds and this way it is easier to watch them.

It is self-dosing because you can fill the bottle with seeds and turn it upside down and the seeds will flow only when the flower pot saucer will start to get empty.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  • A PET bottle;
  • Some piece of wood;
  • Nails and/or screws;
  • Wire;
  • Builders band;
  • Flower pot saucer;


  • Saw (for the bottle and the woods);
  • Driller (for drilling and screwing);
  • Hammer (if you use nails);
  • Plier;

Step 2: Assembling

First of all, You have to cut down the bottom of the bottle.
Thereafter, assemble 2 pieces of wood, I used 3 nails, but You can use screws. This two will be the bottom and the back of the feeder.
To attach the bottle, I drilled two holes in the back of the feeder and I placed into 1-1 screw with 1-1 nut and screw washer. Between the nuts and the screw washer I attached the builders tape. This tape will hold the bottle.
After placing the bottle (upside down) in the bottle's holder, I made a 'roof' to protect from the rain, for that I used the 3. piece of wood.
Finally, I put the flower pot saucer under the bottle, and I filled the bottle up with seeds.

I put the bottom of the bottle into the bottle to avoid birds flying into it - optional.

Step 3: Placing to the Best Place

I found a tall tree at the end of the yard what I think this is the best place for birds feeding.
I placed a screw in the upper part of the back (above the roof) for the wire, that I used to wrap around the feeder and the tree.



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Simple and excellent idea. Nicely done!