Self-made Wooden Camper (Kleine Cabine)





Introduction: Self-made Wooden Camper (Kleine Cabine)

Kleine Cabine, Dutch for Little Cabin.  You are looking at a one-of-a-kind Douglas fir camper, pop top with ALL solid wood.  Features are:  50 ft RV cable, 2-6 volt golf cart batteries, 50 Watt solar panel, upper cabinet space with storage under the bed, kitchenette in rear door with two door cabinet, counter top and drawer. There is a small 300 Watt inverter to give you AC for computer, lights, music, and phone charging. Length is 10 ft, width is 4 ft, height is 4.5 ft.  It weighs close to 1200 lbs. and was coated with Watson's out-door oil finish.  Since I did not know about Instructables at the time of creating this camper, I do not have any videos or pictures other than the finished product.  My hope is to make more of these "Little Cabins" (and sell them), and with those there will be steps and descriptions.  



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    Did you ever make plans or videos about this or others you have built and if so where can I find them?

    Looks fantastic! Really interested in how you get the popup to "go up" and then to remain there?

    I'm curious how you made the sides? Did you plane down the thickness? Are they glued and then clamped while drying, or did you counter sink screws from one board to the next? Generally dimensional lumber twists when it dries did you have any such issues?

    Nice camper! I don't know if you still reply to this feed but I noticed that you said that you used watson's outdoor oil finish in your decription and then later when you responded to a comment you said it was watco oil finish. I was wondering wich one you used? I looked them up and both exist. I have a 1974 18 1/2 ft motorhome that I need to rebuild the coach on and want to use wood for the exterior and have been wondering how to keep water from getting in the seems and what I can use to water proof it.

    Hoping to see future Instructables on this! The thing I don't like about many teardrops is that there's no room to stand up. This would fix that problem!

    I really like all the solid wood used in your build. and its just the right size

    Very nice rig!!

    So how did you attach it to the trailer?