Picture of Self-pressurizing, chimney-type alcohol stove
In this Instructable, I will show you how to build one of the most efficient types of alcohol stoves: a self pressurizing, chimney-type stove.

Disclaimer: This project involves sharp tools, sharp pieces of metal, fuel, and fire.  I take no responsibility for any and all damage that you do by following these directions.  These instructions are for informational purposes only.  I disclaim all responsibility for damage or death to property, person or animal caused by either the correct or incorrect following of these instructions.  This project should only be attempted by a responsible adult, following proper fire safety protocols, and with an understanding of all the risks involved.

That said, let's get started!
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Step 1: First Step - Gather Materials

Picture of First Step - Gather Materials
image copy.jpeg
First, you must gather all the necessary materials.  Most of these can be found at a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes.  The stove itself is made from an Coors Light aluminum bottle can.  You will most likely want to get several of these, as it can be tricky to get this to work the first time.  The aluminum bottle design is also used by certain energy drinks like Monster.

You will need:
1. An aluminum Coors Light bottle
2. A pair of scisors
3. A center punch with a sharp point
4. A knife, razor blade or Xacto knife
5. A fine point marker
6. A 1 1/2 inch spade bit
7. A pin vice or a small drill like a Dremel
8. A 1/32" drill bit
9. Steel wool, both fine and coarse
10. JB Weld - I use JB KwikWeld because it sets up faster
11. A ruler or a square
12. Not pictured - needle nosed pliers and nippers/angle cutters

13. Optional - A pair of calipers can sometimes be handy for checking exact measurements
What spade bit did you use?
ballread1 year ago
Love it gonna give it a try once I reclaim my house from moving it
hectormg1 year ago
Tetkoba San is an artist when it comes to alcohol stoves and I really like what you have done but I'm slightly confused.

I follow you pretty well but I seem to get confused with the image on the far right of step 3. It seems that this is the bottom of another bottle, but in your directions you say that we just need 1 or "An aluminum Coors Light bottle".

Can you provide additional pictures that show this relationship with the seemingly two bottle bottoms?

Tetkoba is stellar at doing alcohol stoves!. good job at finding a way to adapt it to what we have here in North America. It looks good but the flame does seem to pulse quite a bit, Have you done a boil test yet?
rmpress (author)  cerberustugowar2 years ago
Yeah I have, but haven't filmed them yet. This weekend, I plan on doing real world boil tests, while on a backpacking trip. I'll try to take some film, record some data, and report back.
Misac-kun2 years ago
Intresting, It lit from the inside and looks like the fire even breath.