Self Righting Knex Target (Outdoor Version)





Introduction: Self Righting Knex Target (Outdoor Version)

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this is my knex target, that you can set up right after you shoot it without getting up.
It is to simple for a real ible, but whatever.

Step 1: Come Together!

Come together! Right now,
Get those pieces together!

Step 2: The Frame

This is the frame, it gets planted in the ground.

Step 3: Cut String

Cut string , and make sure it is the right length.

Step 4: Tie Knot

Tie the string to the grey connector.
Then add a red rod

Step 5: Target

Put these one,

Like this

Slide on

And connect

Step 6: Target Part 2

Put these on to the target,

Like this

add this and You Are Done!



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    I'd build it, but I'd have to disassemble my gun.

    odd how does it "self right" if it even does that

    how does that make it self righting if you have to pull the string... but any ways thanks for this, it gave me a really great base idea for a moving self reseting target thing

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    You right it yourself. Self righting.

    sorry but i dont understand how you shoot it is ther any way u an take a picture of it inn the ground

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    Umm, no. Not any time soon.... But I can explain it. Put the two yellow rods planted in the ground, with the red rod facing you. Shoot the yellows. Pull string. Shoot the yellows. etc. etc.

    pretty good target :) lol nice song

    its not self righting however if you add just enough weight to the top so it tips at an angle but dosent fall over

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    if you replace the strink with rubber band and just lay it there pu a blue rod and stand in fropnt tie rubber band to that, you get a se3lf righting one.

    I know that. I probably should change it...

    technically its not self righting if you have to pull a string to do it. It's a semi-self righting (is there such a thing)

    About 2 feet longer than the distance between you and the target.

    Ty! Maybe somebody else can, because I am not allowed to posdt vids on youtube >: (

    email me i am farmer ben a friend