Step 11: Optional step: creating a mini greenhouse lid

Picture of Optional step: creating a mini greenhouse lid
This step is optional, but the planter can be made into a mini greenhouse or terrarium with a second bottle. This is useful for plants that require a high humidity to grow.

I used another soda bottle and cut the bottom off. The place where I made my cut is right below where it begins to curve. Cutting it above this will prevent the new greenhouse lid from fitting in easily and snug. So, look at the bottle, observe where it begins to curve and cut a little below it.

The greenhouse lid will now fit into the cup easily and will trap the humidity. It will not be uncommon to see water beading up on the sides and dripping down into the soil. I have not had any problems with the water leaking back down through the soil and into the reservoir. I think that is because the wick will only absorb as much water as the soil needs to fill the deficit of water created by the absorption from the roots.
stormys6 years ago
What kind of soil do you use for plant your Venus Fly Trap?