Picture of Self watering recycled vase
Nice way to recycle plastic bottles and grow your own food. :-)
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Step 1: Material List

Picture of Material List
Material List:

a) a plastic soda bottle (empty)

b) a piece of cotton string

c) sharp knife

d) hot piece of wire to make a role in the bottle lid

e) some dirt with seeds

f) little patience.

Step 2: Cut the bottle

Picture of Cut the bottle
First empty the soda bottle, and cut it in two. Note that the bottom part should be bigger than the top part! Be careful.

Step 3: The lid

Picture of The lid
Use the hot wire to make a role in the bottle lid. A small role will do. Pass the cotton string trough the bottle lid.

Step 4: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Put the lid back in the bottle, and turn it upside down. Cut the cotton wire and make sure its length is the same as the whole thing.

Step 5: Add dirt+seeds

Picture of Add dirt+seeds
Now you add the dirt with seeds. Make sure the cotton string is strait.

Add water to the bottom part of the bottle, you do not want to put too much water in it.

The water should not touch the lid.

Step 6: Let it grow!!

Picture of Let it grow!!
Add water only in the bottom part, never trough the top of the vase, otherwise the water will come down with dirt and algae will start to grow.

Water will come up and will keep the earth moist.

Plants will grow nicely.

Have fun!

Any ideas are welcome.
busywoman656 years ago
I was wondering if the cotton string goes all the way to the top of the dirt so all of it gets watered or does it work that way? What kind of vegetables can you grow in a small container like this?
bbullet (author)  busywoman656 years ago
yes it does goes all way to the top, u can make some rounds midway up to moist more. You can grow anything that fits, or use it as a starter for bigger plants.