Step 2:

Cut water bottle 1/3 from bottom
Great job! Soil will actually wick up to one foot (potting mix) - but being able to see the water level, having it's own &quot;cloche&quot; that fits without falling over and how easy and handy this instructable is I will be making several of these for myself. Like the idea of the paper cup, too haoran!
how is this self watering do you need to open the bottle and clean it?
capillary action, or wicking.
It is very internesting. Isn't it a kind of &quot; dehumidifier&quot;? I was looking for this to use my little trees. Thanks!!!
Clever!<br />
&nbsp;how does this self water?
I tested, the wick shouldn't go to the top. It will make the soil to wet.
One minor improvement: use a paper cup. Then when you transplant the plant, you don't need to take the plant out of the cup, just plant the whole thing and let it biodegrade.
why do you put the top of the top of the bottle above the plant doesnt it need air?
Can't you also just plant directly into your garden (or whatever) as the plant will break apart the cup..? hmmmm except the plastic bottle (bottom) would have to be removed first of course.. but i was thinking along the lines of the plant when ready for planting..
You can leave the cap loose or off for air to the plants. There are also additional drain holes punched in the bottom of the cup for additional drainage.
Clever, me like
Oh yeah, should there be some gap or small holes for air for the plants?

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