I had lots of analog satellite receivers laying around, so i decided to make something with them.
For this proyect we need:
- A Satelite receiver (!!! not DVB-T!!!)
- A 24V Relai (My is out from an broken Hi-Fi Amplifer)
- A Standart diode
- Some wire
- maybe Some Hot glue
- maybe some shrump tube

Step 1: The Right Receiver

Befor we are beginning we have to test if it works whit this receiver...

For testing we need a multimeter.
We switch the multimeter and  the receiver on (NOT STANDBY). Now we connect negative pin of the multimeter to the outside of the IF Input (or to LNB) and the positive pin inside the IF Input (or to LNB). The multimeter should show something between 13 and 19V.
Now we switch of the receiver of(Standby) and look if the voltage goes away.If it does we can continue with the next step. If not or the receiver hasn't a powerbuten on the Remote then it doesn't works.

Step 2: Hack the Tuner

Now we need to open the receiver to continue.
We search the Tuner (a small metal box with the IF In conector on the bakplane).
To open we take a flat screwdriver and push to a lax. It sould look like on the image.
Now we need to solder one wire to the antenna conector (on the image marked with +) another wire
to the case of the tuner (on the image marked with -). It sould Look like on the image 3.
Now  we have to cut a hole in the cover of the Tuner to fit the cables true. We klose the Tuner.

Step 3: Mount the Relai

Now we need to solder the relai and the diode to the cables from the Tuner like in the Image. !!Be sure the diode is mounted in the right direction.!!
Now we have to solder the Power Cables to the relai like in Image 2. Now we Take the srumping tube and isolate all the contacts.
With the hot glue we glue the relai to the case of the reciver. We alsow have to cut two extra holes in the case for the Power Cables!

Step 4: The Remotesensor

This step also can jumped but i prefere to do it. We have wo unskrew the main Board of the reciver. We are looking for the infrared sensor. We have to unsolder it from the Board and solder it to 3 cables. !!Be sure of the polarity!! We have to drill a other hole to the case for this cabel. This stepp is to hid the reciver somevere. Onley the IR Diode has to be conectet by the remote!

Step 5: Uses for This Instructables

This Instructable can Be used:
- to switch a light
- to turn a reciver or television whitoud a bowerbuton on the Remote
- to switch Lots of Standby devices

if you like this instructable or you want to say us for what you are using it for pleace leave a coment.

...and brown/yellow/blue wires? now i'm very confused.
when you take a extension cord, cut it in the midle (!!First un plug it from power!!) and stripp both the ends then you see 3 wires. A brown or black one (L), a blue one (N) and a green / yellow one (PE). The blue and green / yellow you connect with the ones of the other side the brown you connect with the relay and hthene alsow whit the other site of the cord. Like in the image.
I'm confused as hell, could you explain more as to what's going on?

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