Introduction: Sellotape Where Sellotape's Due

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So the glue gun's now a smoldering lump of plastic, the superglue is stuck to the toolbox, the soldering iron's still a roaring fire and of course the the lighter's on the same [ beach] about fifty miles away...

Sellotape! be it duct tape, packing tape, desk tape or god forbid electrical tape, it's all great!

This is collection of handy tricks for using sellotape in all walks of instructa-life or even normal life, yes it's an entry in tool tips because sellotape is a tool as much as a material....

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Step 1: We're Men (and Women) We Don't Need Tools and Materials

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We need sellotape and lots of it...

Find it, buy it, steal it, make it just get some... In fact don't make it or steal it those sound dumb...

Step 2: Fixing the Surround Sound and the Lamp

Picture of Fixing the Surround Sound and the Lamp

Yes I own a rabbit and a little brother, sadly they keep letting eachother out of the cage, then they go chew on the surround sound wires, someday I'll turn it on full blast when it's at its work but not until the vet re-opens.

So there's holes in your socks, holes in your shoes but not in your cables because you decided to twist the wires up all nice and tight and stick a handy load bearing knot in them. But oh no! they keep shorting, what could we do? Enter the sellotape, now wrap a little cover of sellotape around each wire and cut to fit, now add another over to hold both together for space saving...

Step 3: Dammit I Put Hammer Through My Bed!

Picture of Dammit I Put Hammer Through My Bed!

Ok not quite through the bed but I was attempting something tricky involving nailing stiff to the underside of a bed from Ikea, which frankly needed replacing before my little accident. i got angry and hit the bed with a hammer, not my brightest idea but what are ya going to do... get the sellotape that's what!

So I'm not that worried about the initial hole so much as the split for about one and a half feet either side where my calfs slide across when I get out of bed, as you can imagine splinters are not nice, I covered the whole problem area in clear desk tape, no more splinters... Here's a before and after.

Step 4: Flash Drive Lost It's Casing?

Picture of Flash Drive Lost It's Casing?

Ok I know it's in flash drive savers but it needs to be in here too...

'Oh dear the flimsy plastic casing of my flash drive has fallen off however with those bare circuits survive with my keys and change'

Two minutes later

'Oh sellotape you saved my life I love you'
'Cheryl!!! what are you doing with that!!??!!'
'Oh honey he has my heart and soul'
'It's freakin sellotape!!!'
'You have to understand'
'Well it would be kinda hot to make a mini roll for carrying around...'

I think this one is self explanatory...

Step 5: Why Not Sellotape Something Before It's Broken?

Picture of Why Not Sellotape Something Before It's Broken?

No reason that's why!

A little bit of sellotape over the end of the connector for your headphones will save them dying a death of annoying loose connection while you hold them at awkward before fully giving up on them...

I know it doesn't seem like it would help but it makes a difference, when I first did this I managed to kill the speakers before the wires...

Step 6: It Leaks No More!

Picture of It Leaks No More!

now being a general eejit, it's not uncommon that I get a hole in my bottle of water...

So I just get my bit of tape, tip the bottle so no water's coming out and slap a few bits over it, this will work with office tape, not just electrical tape etc. It's just easier with better tape. May I say no to duct tape though *shots fired at me from my duct tape wallet's direction...* It makes the water taste wierd due to the sheer amount of adhesive on it...

Step 7: Oh Dear My Jacket's Covered in Fur...

Picture of Oh Dear My Jacket's Covered in Fur...

This is where parcel tape rules king... I have a white cat and alot of black clothes, result is imaginable, now add the fact the cat literally explosively molts, I mean she shakes herself and fur can be seen floating away in the air...

One last thing to consider here, those roller lint things cost about the same price as three rolls of parcel tape and last less time than one roll

so make a little circle sticky side outward and get to it, soon you'll be fur free again...

Step 8: Shoelaces Fraying, Ripcord Going to Bits?

Picture of Shoelaces Fraying, Ripcord Going to Bits?

Have no fear tape is here...

A little office tape around the end of your shoelace will prolong the life of that little plastic thing that holds them together...

If you've replaced your pull start cord on the generator or snowblower or anything with nylon rope, or any rope it will eventually start going to bits, unless you have tape that is... Either parcel tape or duct tape with a cover of parcel tape will do the job nicely, take your time and wrap it nice and neat, pad it out a bit with tape and it make a nice handle part aswell...

Step 9: Ok There Are Many More But I'm Getting Dizzy From Thinking About Tape and Saying Tape So Much

Picture of Ok There Are Many More But I'm Getting Dizzy From Thinking About Tape and Saying Tape So Much

Tape you said, don't say tape, why is there tape everywhere...

This is why tape should be used sparingly... Ok this is a bit of pisstake but hey a soap opera based on tape would be good to see, I might watch it... hell give me a roll of tape and a pocket full of dreams, the world's your oyster.


dEwMe (author)2014-03-30

I kept breaking laces until it dawned on me to replace them with parachute cord. Haven’t used anything else in my docs since! First thing I do with a new pair is toss the laces that come with them. It works great and you can get quite a variety of colors these days. Parachute cord melts. Apply fire or some heat and melt the ends. You'll be good for years!

nathantokala (author)2009-11-04

 hey killer jack remember me

Aye, what's the craic?

Kryptonite (author)2008-12-07

When my old parachute cord broke I taped the two bits back together, worked a charm for the first 2 jumps, after that it broke. Lucky next time I jumped I had some spare tape with me to fix it when I realised it had broken again.

I just flap my arms when that happens...

Well, that would have been quicker than r-taping it, but I like a good challenge.

jokerlz (author)Kryptonite2009-03-12

You dont really need a parachute to skydive though. you need a parachute to skydive twice

Kryptonite (author)jokerlz2009-03-16

What ever works for you! .......

mg0930mg (author)2008-11-15

WOW! haha. The headphone things works. That's what I do.

=SMART= (author)2008-09-18

lol nice, sellotape everything !! it think my usb case is better lol (the pics are an ible im writing now :D )

killerjackalope (author)=SMART=2008-09-18

I've done that, but not like that, someone else did as well... In flash drive savers... Looks really well, is that just cardboard to hold the shape?

=SMART= (author)killerjackalope2008-09-19

Really ? i hadn't seen it before. Yea the cardboard just keepi the packets shape :D its a really simple case lol

conceptualstratagem (author)2008-03-05

Whoa caution sellotape, I want to just decorate things with that stuff. I didn't know sellotape was the proper term, I always referred to it as packing tape. I'm with on the frayed shoe lace bit, I might argue it works better than shoegoo, because it can be re-threaded easier.

I always just melt 'em.

yeah, It gets the fray out of the lace. Skateboards tend to destroy those aglets so badly, that I've switched to replacing the entire lace when it starts getting to ragged. But only after a decent amount of effort goes into preserving them.

I think packing tape is called packing tape or parcel tape anyway (the brown stuff)and so on but I havn't checked a dictionary on that one. If it's really complicated i'll have to add a step on the technicalities... just for fun...

Yeah your right on that bit, the brown stuff is definitely parcel tape, this I was unaware of. I guess its ok to suppose that packing tape is usually clear and sometimes cardboard colored too. I think adding a step on the technical stuff is an interesting idea, because often people become very frustrated with this tape. I admit it may have its shortcomings such as: quick to tear, difficult to dispense when the end gets stuck to the role, and that tape packing gun doesn't make it any easier to use. The wikipedia entry for sellotape and has some good data. Anyhow I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the caution tape, I need it for a collage.

they sell it at the hardware store store(at least near me) i might buy it and put it on my tallbike....

Well I'll have a go at the technical page... For caution tape a store like screfix would have what you need or any shop that sell safety stuff like hi-vis jackets and boots and all...

YummyPancakes (author)2008-06-08

"instructa-life or normal life"

LOL it's true.

Mhmm, If we're all going to be honest about it...

mettaurlover (author)2008-03-30

"sellotape"? I use METAL TAPE. that stuffs made of some kind of metal. $5 a roll at Ace hardware. BEST STUFF EVER. not very flexible, but still... BEST STUFF EVER!!!

Yeah I just ordered a big roll of heatproofed metal tape to use in some projects, $3 for the roll only 300C but that's enough to do it on borderline...

Jouda Mann (author)2008-03-21

Cue the infamous Doc Martens with their distinctive yellow stitching...

Those doc martens are quite infamous now...

Aar000n3y (author)2008-02-12

Nice tips. But in step 6 with the plastic water bottle... Those usually aren't meant to be reused. They have found that many plastics used in those bottles start to break down into the water after they've been reused. I know it's not related to the instructable, I just wanted to let you know about that if you didn't already.

sarahschmara (author)Aar000n3y2008-03-02

Oh no! How does the plastic know that the water is new?Actually the "danger" with reusing plastic bottles comes from improper washing and drying in between fills. The plastic does NOT degrade and leech into the water (well, duh, they DO use food-grade plastic for the bottles.)

I was talking more about when some berk stabs a hole in your bottle but they're safe within the use by date at least, which is several years, that and you may not be drinking from the bottle...

pyro13 (author)2008-02-17

haha! I love black electrical tape! We use it to tape over shiny stuff and stuff that makes noise when paintballing, and i use it to cover my lighters and the broken handle of a knife, and my chapstick ('cause it looks cool), and just bout everything else!

killerjackalope (author)pyro132008-02-18

I probably should have added that one in but I had no examples at the time, Should come back to it...

rupamagic (author)2008-02-15

There was a repeating skit on Saturday Night Live (here in the states anyway) a million years ago and the gist was a couple who owned a store that sold nothing but tape. It was in a big mall and in one episode all the other shops were going out of business except for the tape shop. Everyone else needed to buy tape to post their "Going Out Of Business" signs. You would have loved it, I promise. ;-) Stay sticky!

Amazing... I have taped most things together, yes even my clothes at points...

ll.13 (author)2008-02-12

electricians tape is better. =)

killerjackalope (author)ll.132008-02-12

Depends on what you're doing...

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