This is a semi automatic pistol. I got the magazine hopper idea from Ednator55. This hopper never jams. This gun shoots about 20-25 feet and can pierce a cardboard box with a sharpened rod.(I used 2 rubber bands in this testing) ENJOY :D

Step 1: Building Body and Trigger.

1.) Build the two objects in the picture.
2.) Top view of upper object.

Step 2: Building the Barrel and Magizine.

Build the three objects in the picture.

Step 3: Builing and Connecting

1.) Put together sides of magazine and build the ram, and side pieces.
2.) Connect magazine as shown and slide in ram.

Step 4: Finishing Up.

1.) Connect the Body to the Barrel and add the handle to the body. (I know I don't have a step for the handle, but just get two yellow rods and circle connectors and attach where shown. Picture 2&3.)

2.) and 3.) Add rubber bands and Trigger. Picture 2.

You are now complete if you have any trouble just leave a comment I'll be happy to help!!! :D
how come all your guns look so strange (no ofence )
how do you load?
Thats 1337metalx's magazine idea (he's from youtube)
i luv the gun its just a little wobbly wen the trigger is pulled
it seems this is a block trigger
Here need instruction for instrucion >.>
Gun is delicious omnomnom.
how long did it take you to build
It's a nice gun i tried to put a scope on it but than it's to heavy in front. can you make a gun automatic and post it plz? :D<br />
isnt the trigger a bit or to low
ok ok we better stop scamming
pssst! It's called spamming :P
&nbsp;ha ha woops
did you invent bannanas<br />
This is the first gun i ever built. Haha. I then proceeded to make it into a rifle with a side loading hopper/magazine. But I destroyed it, unfortunately. but when I had it I liked it. :)<br />
is it truly semi auto
than why did u say it is
No it isn't
O yay u posted on my bday!!!
real good gun
aww i love block triggers that have real triggers pulling down on them, they're so comfy!
this gun ain't bad but it isn't semi auto
this is a block 0.5
There is a trigger in plain sight. What are you talking about?!?
its a block conected 2 a trigger it is not true trigger
Yes, it is considered a true trigger.
itsa block
Ok if this is a block then every gun on this site is also a block. Every gun shoots because some object is in the way and when you pull the triiger it moves out of the way. If there is a real trigger (like a real gun) then it is true trigger.
it is a block conected 2 a trigger its stilll ablock
NO IT ISNT a block is a trigger you flip or sumthin like that a true trigger can be pretty much any trigger activated with a pull from a index finger wtihout leaveing the handle like a real gun so stucy before you say sumthin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does it have a trigger or not? I'm pretty sure it does. And as far as I know, most guns with a trigger on them have a trigger, right?
yes it has a trigger but its not true trigger
Give it up. It's a true trigger, end of story.
What does that mean? :D
abbreviation of "Roger" as in "roger that" as in u r right
I know. Will you please tell kyle knex that it's a true trigger. He doesn't belive me. Thank You. :D
i give up if u want 2 call it a tru trig go ahead
it is a true trigger but you wouldn't know that much because you are a close minded person who believes only his own thoughts
finally!!! Can you please give my gun an appropriate rating now?!?
plz im so bored
reply 2 me
Kile, It's a true trigger...
thanks 30secs ago!!!
lol wow fast, do u like sit in front of the computer refreshing the page till another comment comes up, or was that so quick by coincidence?
The second one. I just logged in and I saw it!!! :D

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