Step 4: GUT IT!!

This is the part where you REALLY need to ask yourself if this is REALLY what you want to do. Once you start this your Longshot will be irreversibly altered. 

This step you are pretty much on your own, you will need to use your dremel to dice and slice the innards out until your bolt and angel breech fit nicely. Don't let the first pic fool you, the bolt will be much farther back. 

To attach the angel breech I used a 1/4 Hose barb with a 1/8NPT threaded portion. Wrap E-tape around it until is a snug fit with the inside of the piston, some how glue wouldn't hurt either. 

You will still need to use the boltsled but you can cut off the back tail. You will also need to chop off a large portion of the trigger tail, make sure it will still contact whatever momentary/micro switch you use for the trigger. Just hotglue the switch in after you solder wires to it, there won't be much force on it so epoxy isn't necessary. I added a hard stop for the boltsled using a piece I had removed from my modified raider, any piece of plastic will do. 

To answer your question: The key switch is not necessary.... but it is awesome.