Step 4: GUT IT!!

This is the part where you REALLY need to ask yourself if this is REALLY what you want to do. Once you start this your Longshot will be irreversibly altered. 

This step you are pretty much on your own, you will need to use your dremel to dice and slice the innards out until your bolt and angel breech fit nicely. Don't let the first pic fool you, the bolt will be much farther back. 

To attach the angel breech I used a 1/4 Hose barb with a 1/8NPT threaded portion. Wrap E-tape around it until is a snug fit with the inside of the piston, some how glue wouldn't hurt either. 

You will still need to use the boltsled but you can cut off the back tail. You will also need to chop off a large portion of the trigger tail, make sure it will still contact whatever momentary/micro switch you use for the trigger. Just hotglue the switch in after you solder wires to it, there won't be much force on it so epoxy isn't necessary. I added a hard stop for the boltsled using a piece I had removed from my modified raider, any piece of plastic will do. 

To answer your question: The key switch is not necessary.... but it is awesome.
We can't use Co2 powered guns for HvZ at Mizzou, BUT we can use hand pump (bike pump with a pressure chamber)
<p>I want it </p>
Being shot with this thing must hurt can I just use an off brand C02 tank?
<p>What tank and regulator did you use? Thanks :)</p>
Just curious what Solenoid did you use? I'm working on a similar project with a nerf maverick and I'm just trying to figure out what kind of voltage I'm going to need.
I used one of these [<a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/3-Way-2-Position-Solenoid-Air-Valve-1-4-NPT-12V-DC_W0QQitemZ250519020196QQcategoryZ67011QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp5197.m7QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5690996908374081108#ht_2717wt_1083">Solenoids</a>]&nbsp;<br> <br> But in your case you don't need a 3 way valve, you could use a cheaper one like [<a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/1-4-Electric-Solenoid-Valve-12-volt-Air-Water-BBTF-/290501107743?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a337201f#ht_2178wt_905">This</a>].<br> <br> If you are planning to hook 12 gram CO2 cartridges strait up to a valve then these wont work, the output pressure of those cartridges is around 900 psi.&nbsp;
<p>900 psi vs the safe 120. Hmm, that will explode. </p>
Well that is certainly good to know; my original plan was to use a 3000 psi nitrogen tank I had laying around from paintball. Do you think it would work if I had a regulator between the tank and solenoid?
the tank is 3000 psi but the psi leaving the tank is 800 or 400 psi depending on the tank and then the gun steps that down to whatever pressure it uses so if you want to use it for a Nerf gun try using a regulator from a gun and go from there.<br>
A regulator is necessary, i'm not very up to date on the paintball parts available, but if you could find a regulator that would bring it down to 150 psi you could hook it directly to the solenoid. They do make solenoids that can handle the higher pressures... just not for $25
<p>this is a fine piece of nerf weaponry. But I have neither the equipment nor the patience to do this. Instead, I amped up the voltage on a Stryfe and gave it a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare paint job. A recon barrel and raider stock was used, and painted too. Barrel modded to have PVC sticking out to lengthen it. </p>
okay heres a question why not use a solenoid to pull the plunger rod back instead of using air? and just put a battery inisde the enormous free space the longshot has inside of it
The power required to activate a solenoid that powerful would be too much for the amount of space available.
I know the second version is much better, i still prefer the look of this. It just looks so much nicer!
I have to agree, some day I'll get around to making one from scratch to look just the way I want.
What happens if the tube gets pulled off or cut? Is it hazardous, or are there safety mechanisms?
If the tube gets pulled off or cut it just vents CO2 until you shut the tank valve. The pressure is limited to 140 psi so not much more than a shop air compressor. The bolt mechanism works best at 110 psi and there is a burst disc on the CO2 tank so no other safety mechanism required.
That looks awesome! Just a thought I had, would it be easier to make a longer bolt and skip the bolt sled entirely? Then the bolt would push the dart into the barrel and fire it. Eliminates the need for the charging handle too. Or are the darts too prone to bending for this to work?
how much did this all cost ? <br>
wha......<br><br><br>i know i want one<br><br> Trust me I'm a doctor
THATS HOT could it shot paint balls
haha, as a past nerfhaven user, much respect on this. I love it. I've done some homemades involving hpa tanks and pressure washer valves...yeah..it was fun. Very cool though and impressive ranges you listed there when using a larger chamber. <br><br>-Graham, www.pypline.com -The online community for makers
lol that is funny where everyone is all normal and you have all your tactical gear on in the middle you look like a ninja (that is good)
OMG! that is SO SICK <br>
What program is that?
dude u should take dart with the tip ripped off put a bic pen in it and glue that into the barrel of the gun and turn it into an AIRSOFT GUN
put a masterkey on it or some sort of nerf grenade launcher thtatd be awesome
that would be epic <br>
Your insane dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
did you take this apart if not would you sell that for like $30
this is INSANE!!!!!!!i have a longshot (already modded:))but i probably wouldn't risk doin this even if i had all the tools and things but i would love to do this and mebe improve range a little( or a lot!!!) if i had about 20 longshots lol 5/5 stars from me we just need more people like you!!!! :)
that is so awesome!!!
i think this thing rocks of course its better than mine
very cool man!! theres another guy on youtube with a gun with the same function as ur gun. only thing is, u should give it a badass paintjob, that would be really awesome and make pple think twice before shooting u!!
what you have essentially made is an open bolt autococker paintball gun, you should look up how a sspyder paintball gun works for your next build, i could give you a link of an animation if you would like, it would be far more efficient and you could get better range at a lower psi
im going to try with a old paintball gun
so when you have a BIG Nerf war dose the host supply the darts or do you bring your own
Lol awesome mod. But since I'm too lazy to read this, can anyone tell me what the co2 tank is for?
Isn't it obvious?It's probably not there to give you a nice breeze,is it.<br>
Lol but it says the co2 tanks not connected... I'm confused.
He means that the tank is not attached the gun. Like how some paintball guns or older airsoft guns use a hose to connect to the tank instead of the tank connecting directly to it. If you look closely, you can see that the tank is close enough to the gun that someone might mistake it for being attached to the front.
what is your average range you get with this?
I get 80' consistently, but I purposely limited the power so noone would complain that my shots hurt during the hvZ game. If you put in a larger expansion chamber I was able to reach 173 feet, but getting hit with a dart at close range left a rather large welt.
wow. dude that is very impressive. i haven't even seen stuff this good on nerfhaven! you should post it there.
I tried to get an account on that site years ago, never got approved lol
ya they really don't like newbies. they have a 2 month wait to get in, but i was approved. i guess thats why theres alot of only good info on there.
how heavy is this about<br>
12.3 lbs without the tank, not the lightest nerf gun on the block.

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