I will show you how to make a semi-auto relvolver riffle out of K'Nex. You can make as many barrels as you want. These are the magazines. You can also put as many rubber bands as you want but don't put too much so that you can't pull the firering pin. Simply look at the pictures for instructions. It fires white (black for me)rods. In this instructable, you will need to sacrifice a lot of pieces. Two gray connector, one gray rod, a yellow connector(me it's gold)and four blue connector. This gun is VERY pricise and shoots VERY far compared to the average K'Nex guns.

Here's a video in which i use my gun. The purpose of the video wasn't on the gun so don't complain and im speaking french in it. Go to 2:15 minutes to see the gun in action. Little different version but same concept.

Link to this video on youtube

Step 1: Stock and Firering Pin Guide

The layer is five pieces.

Step 2: Firering Pin

You wil have to cut away some pieces of plastic with pliers on a yellow connector and some plastic on the gray rod. Add some black tape to reinforce the gray connectors and yellow piece (gold for me).

IMPORTANT!! The length on the rod must be modified so that only the grind up part goes in the black pieces. You will have to undo the gun to make sure the grey rod is just the right length. Only the front part of the gun and the back part with the stock and firering pin guide.

Step 3: Top Part of the Gun

You will have to cut away some plastic again! Just a grey connector...don't wory.

Step 4: Barrel Holding System

Have to can away stuff again.

Step 5: True Trigger Mecanism

Step 6: Handle and Reinforcement Bar

Step 7: Final Assembly

Step 8: Barrel/Magazine

Step 9: Loading and Firering

Load up the barreles with white rods. Then, wind up the shaft of the barrel like in the picture. Two turn is the minimum required for the proper function of the gun.

Now, it's time to adjust the length of the firering pin. Check the last picture to know how it should look.

To fire, pull the yellow connector back and press on the trigger!

its been done before.
By who? I might make it.
KillerK did one called TR-8 and TR-32 I think and there was one on KI called the Soothsayer. It was huge.
do you mean knexsayer
Awsome gun dude. I would love to build somthing like this but don't have enough peices atm. :) 5*
I improvised and made it with less pieces and didnt break any.
this isn't semi auto
i cant cut the yellow connector..im trying to do it with pliers...should i be using those?
 Nail clippers
nevermind i got it
what did u cut em with<br /> <br />
My preferred method is making DSman's sniper and firing it a few times. Yellows get cut every time. Not so good when you want your gun to fire properly in the case of that thing...<br />
pliers....just hold really tight and twist<br />
&nbsp;i have limited knex and im sure other pple agree with me when i say i dont like destroying my knex<br /> <br />
same, its good put it uses lots of pieces and didtroying some
the rubber band is winded
&nbsp;Nice 5* and faved
awesome, you have done what I have failed to do.<br/><br/>5* just for that.<br/>
&nbsp;nice gun very good
<p>Pourquoi est-ce que tu parle si haut?<br /> &nbsp;</p>
nice gun, very good
its a good gun only change i made was i put a rubberband across the area the revolving part gose trough and just spun it then added ammo and it worked better
I have that piece in blue and black ;P
awesome gun
salut est ce que tu parle francais car j'ai un probleme a une etape
he ,looks sweet , bud i have made it 2 times and , he dont work ... =(<br/>
Hilarious video. Who was that? ur GF? and whats with all the squealing?
that is a sweet gun
is there any other pieces u can use instead of the green and blue pieces in pictures 4 and 5...cuz i dont have those
no, they are blue 3D clips and cannot be replaced.
nooooo its a hinge
my bad, i was looking at something else.
watever i already took it apart...
ummm i didnt post that comment at 8:23...its11:24
ok um jai trouver ton video un peut bizzard... pis tu vien tu de quebec?
Are you from Canada?
yea Ontario hearst
What does jai mean?
french you noob
Calm down I just wanted to know cause that's my name
no its not liar. your name could be jay not jai. and the real word is J'ai
Wanna bet? I'm not talking about French. I do have a friend with the name jay, But JAI is an asian name. Look it up. Noob.
lol u liar once more.... u said " that's my name " and now you say its your friends name... what next? its ganna be your dogs name?

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