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Introduction: (Semi) Portable NES

After reading 1-ups guide on on to make a portable nes (https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Make_a_Portable_Game_System/), I was inspired to make my own.
However, I still wanted to be able to play it on the TV. So my solution was to instead of making a fully portable nes, I simply fit it into a case slightly smaller than the original. However, the case now also holds 1 controller, the A/V cables, a game, and the power supply when closed. Making it much easier to carry around.
Kudos to 1-up for the idea, and the great instructions on how to dismantle the NES.



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    You at least need a screen and some batteries in there. You can still hook it up to a tv with a screen. People have made it like that before.

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    Well, we all need to start somewhere, and the related doesn't show any like this on instructables, so it looks fine to me!

    Yeah, that was were I drew inspiration from, but one of the great thrills of the NES for me is playing it on the big TV, which I wouldn't easily be able to do with that version. Also, my budget is somewhat... Limited... and I spent about $3 on this.

    I have an idea! get one of those little portable LCDs, a nice bright light, some LEDs, and make yourself a projector! plug in the NES, and play on a giant screen anywhere with a clear wall!


    you should mount a tv on the top of the case


    Easy to do and funny Bravo! I think if you put an lacd and a portable tv tuner you could put alll of that in a box and take one single cable from the case to the wall socket.

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    My next project will probably be making an NES PC from the case that this one was in, but after that we'll see.


    If you can do that please post it!