Introduction: Semi Vegan Cookie Bites

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These semi vegan cookie bites are delicious! (If your wondering what makes them semi vegan it's the honey that's added to it.)

Step 1: Oatmeal

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For this recipe I used ready to go summer berry oatmeal by Millville but if you don't have this you can use any brand of oats with dried fruit, I believe this was about a cup of oats.

Step 2: Blending (optional)

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This step is optional but I find that I like these better when their not whole oats so I just blend them lightly for a couple seconds.

Step 3: Dried Cranberries (optional)

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Add any dried fruit you want again this step is optional if your not big on dried fruit but I think adding the whole berries makes it that much better.

Step 4: Honey

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Add about two tablespoons of honey and mix it up.

Step 5: Form Into Balls

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Form the mixture into bite size balls (this might be easier if you put them in the refrigerator first).

Step 6: Enjoy!

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Enjoy your healthy cookies!


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