Picture of Semi-Wireless Headphones

A few years ago, I bought an FM transmitter that ran on batteries and  plugs into the headphone port of an mp3 player to play through the car stereo, It had been rattling around in a drawer for a few years, Until I came up with this.

It still rattles around in the drawer, but I get more use out of it. Repurposed in the opposite direction by transmitting from my PC and or TV to an mp3 player with an FM tuner.

I can wander about and still hear my music or movies without disturbing others.

Great for late nights in the laboratory!

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Step 1: What you will need...

Picture of What you will need...
Here is a list of what to use for this Instructable.


1. Maxell FMT-1 - FM transmitter
2. USB cord (Will be cutting)

1. Soldering Iron
2. Solder
3. Wire Clippers
4. Wire Strippers (I sometimes use cigarette lighter)
5. Some form of Glue ( I used hot glue)
6. Phillips head Screw Driver
7. Exacto/Box Knife or Hobby Knife or other form of cutting tool.

Step 2: Let's get down to business...

Picture of Let's get down to business...

Okay, first thing, get you soldering iron set and warming up.

Now, the next thing to tackle will be the USB cord.

For this you will need the wire cutters and strippers

Find the male end and cut the cord about 3 inches from it.

Once you have it cut - remove the wire casing from the whole 3" of USB cord -  take your hobby knife and cut the plastic/rubber from the plug itself as well, when you're done you should just have a metal USB plug  with 4 wires protruding from the end.

( Red,Black, Green and Yellow )

Cut the green and yellow wires completely off, those are for USB data and are not needed.

Strip the tips of the red and black wires, expose enough for soldering.


nurdee13 years ago
This is a cool idea. One thing that many people don't know is that many transmitters for wireless headphones transmitt on FM frequencies. For instance mine transmits on FM 99.5. They don't transmit as far as an FM broadcasting station but you can pick them up with an FM radio if you are close enough.
mutantpoptart (author) 3 years ago
Thank you for the comments :D.

It only took me a year to get it up here... lol
brentgmz3 years ago
wow nice one...
I had an idea like this a while ago. Good Job! :D