Semi-auto K'NEX Gun





Introduction: Semi-auto K'NEX Gun

This gun is an 8 shot semi-auto rubber band gun with a twist, its made entirely from K'NEX!!! When you think about it its a very simple mechinism, i came across it while i was trying to slow down the fire rate of a fully auto gun (the fully auto gun was more like a shotgun becuase of the high fire rate and small magazine).

stuff you'll need:

1) alot of K'NEX
2) a computer (to view this page)
3) hands (to put it together)

Step 1: Make the Body of the Gun

Well pretty straight foward, assemble the pieces the way they are in the picture. This part holds the firing mechinism in place.

Step 2: Make the "Barrel"

make the pieces and put then together.

Step 3: Make the Firing Mechinism Parts

once again make what you see in the picture, these are the parts that make the gun fire.

Step 4: Stock (optional)

you dont need this piece but it makes it look cooler

Step 5: Other Parts

important piece that i can't think of a name for...

Step 6: Add Parts to the Body

your almost done!

Step 7: Add Parts to the Body (Part 2)

last step!


streach each rubber band from the tip of the barrel to the white pin, only put one rubber band on each white pin. after loaded (doesn't have to be fully loaded, you dont have to put on all 8 rubber bands each time you fire) pull the trigger, theres 8 trigger so you have to move your finger up every shot

how to fire it




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    I can up that. I'm on my wii. :)

    i can up that; im on my psp

    I can up that. Im viewing off of a computer running DOS

    I can up that, im on my kindle

    I can up that I'm on my ipod with pornhub as my search engine

    good idea for your first try, but not very good looks or performance... :(

    i only had small elastic bands so i put the elastic band through the hole of the yellow connector on the recoil thingy this works so well and it fires single shot

    thanks for posting- one of my first knex guns. i liked shooting them all of at once

    I have three monitors :P Plus laptop with another screen wich makes 5 monitors :P

    then how did you write: i dont have number 3 (hands) sorry?

    how do u use the mouse?

    bet you didnt know you can fire this automatically!

    Hey. Great gun! This was the first gun I ever made. I generally have more fun with it by putting 2 bands in each white notch and then pulling back the recoil thingy to make it work like a rubberband shotgun. :) I also do this because it doesn't always fire correctly when using the trigger...

    hey i made one and it is really cool but when i put about 4 or 5 bands each white peace on and pull the trigger they all seem to fire. how can i stop this from happening.

    i have dual monitors and theyre both macs

    do you need the pieces fom the solar kit with the tabs on them