Knex Semi Auto Vector (instructions)





Introduction: Knex Semi Auto Vector (instructions)

About: Quick update: I DO NOT THINK THAT CALL OF DUTY IS AWESOME. I changed my play style to other games. With that being said, my real name is Mark. I am 15 years old and currently in 10th grade.

Finally!!!! This is my very, long awaited knex semi auto vector, with instructions. this is my 2nd entry for the Hurricane lasers contest, known as HLC. i know you guys have been waiting for so long, but now, here it is. I've built this gun because I've seen and made many generic pin guns, which fire single shot. i wanted to step the game up, so i made a semi auto gun. this gun has many pros, but unfortunately some MAJOR cons, too.

-great looks and feel
-semi auto 
-top rails for attachments
-it actually shoots 
-real working mag with internal pusher
-forward grip
-real iron sights (adjustable and removable)
-red dot sight which actually works
-holographic sight which actually works
-excels in close quarters combat

-very hard to pull the trigger
-doesn't shoot far (average is 15 ft)
-many cut pieces
-only used in close quarters combat

I uploaded a video showing you how the mech works here
Anyways, have fun building!!!!

Step 1: Stock

Step 2: Handle

Step 3: Main Body (Part 1)

Step 4: Mech Parts

Step 5: Main Body (Part 2)

Step 6: Mag

Step 7: Rubber Bandz!!!!

Step 8: Accessories

Step 9: ALL DONE!!!!

now have some fun!!!!



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    this is gonna be my week project, and i'm sure i'm gonna keep it build for a looooong time (8

    This is sick but took me like 2 hours to make the stock XD I'm so slow

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    :) the stock is kinda complicated imo

    Yes indeed. Getahammerandachisel!!

    Its a dialect of german, but it is a language spoken by few. These people are the mysterious, the exotic... The CODawesomians.

    I GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im just kiddin its actually english. i left no spaces between the words, just for kicks


    wow I'm impressed your work is really quite amazing and I love that you have so many of my favorite guns=D

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    do you mind if i use the trigger mech you've got here as a kind of guide to making my own?

    3 replies

    ya, no problem man. just don't forget to credit me =D

    awesome : D next time i have a few hours i'll see what i get ^_^