Semi-automatic 7 Shot Knex Rifle





Introduction: Semi-automatic 7 Shot Knex Rifle

A semi-automatic knex rifle with 7shot bottom loading magazine that has a very powerful shot, but a long loading time.

Step 1: Make the Barrel

Pretty simple. Look at the picture.

Step 2: Make the Stock

Also simple. Look at pictures

Step 3: Make the Trigger and Firing Device

Step 4: Make the Magazine

1)Make this
2)Make this
3)Add this to step 1
4)Then add this to steps 1+3
5)Like this
6-8)Add step 2 to steps 1,3,4 so that the yellow is pointing away from step 4.
9)Add blue supports
10)Then add the bullet support system

Step 5: Make the Connector

Simple. Just make this.(the red is held by a green attached to it.)

Step 6: Connect

Connect 4 to 5 1 to 4 5 to 3 3 to 2
To get this

Step 7: Loading

1)Take these greens off
2)Take of these 3 rods
3)Got 7 heavy rubber bands and 2 weaker ones?
4)Take one of those heavy rubber bands and stretch it from the wheel to the front of the gun then rotate the wheel backwards until it clicks
4a)Repeat 6 more times then make sure the rubber bands are inside between the white connectors
5)Add the blue rods back
6)load the bullets so the orange is toward the back on the gun load between 2-3 bullets per time until you get 7 into the magazine.
7)Add the mag (spring) and yellow rods back
8-9)Add those 2 weaker rubber bands to the spring
10)It should look like this, but with 6 more rubber bands
11)Your ready to fire, have fun but don't shoot your eye out

Step 8: Credits

Thanks Beddbug2 for the first rbg that shoot bullets



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    bad. trigger mech dosent even work.

    i built this a while back, loaded... 8 shots lol, and shot it, fired full auto cause the trigger couldnt catch the ratchet thing. its a decent gun being a semi auto slingshot rifle...

    I see all those comments on it doesn't shoot, and I'm wondering whether it does or not.

    It works, I can vouch for it.

    is this 3 thick???

    no its 12 soz tok me a second to see it 2 ur right its 3

    holy fudge i just loaded the rubberbands and pressed triger then the thing xploded in my eye!