Picture of Semi-automatic 7 Shot Knex Rifle
A semi-automatic knex rifle with 7shot bottom loading magazine that has a very powerful shot, but a long loading time.

Step 1: Make the Barrel

Picture of Make the Barrel
Pretty simple. Look at the picture.
buttons035 years ago
bad. trigger mech dosent even work.
Yep, it does.
i built this a while back, loaded... 8 shots lol, and shot it, fired full auto cause the trigger couldnt catch the ratchet thing. its a decent gun being a semi auto slingshot rifle...
ouch my eye i need a plaster
14r313375 years ago
I see all those comments on it doesn't shoot, and I'm wondering whether it does or not.
It works, I can vouch for it.
lioneatr6 years ago
is this 3 thick???
no its 12 soz tok me a second to see it 2 ur right its 3
_kira_6 years ago
holy fudge i just loaded the rubberbands and pressed triger then the thing xploded in my eye!
lol that med me laugh as i was scanning thru comments and i red urs and u med me laugh sos for laughin at ur pain.... r u ok?
Same, but I had glasses. NOt in the hospital, are you?;)
Raikou-san5 years ago
Seeing all the comments about how it explodes makes me want to make it just to see it explode. :D
cerj Raikou-san5 years ago
 it's kinda like being poked in the eye with a sharp stick.

it's kinda funny but hurts like hell.
cerj6 years ago
ouch -.- the snowflake that holds the bands just exploded. it's a self destructing k'nex gun!
An Villain cerj6 years ago
i know the feeling, i once fired the entire snowflake with the white rods on, RAZOR RIFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cerj An Villain6 years ago
An Villain cerj6 years ago
i know, same thing happened with bunduk's semi auto RBG pistol, except i launched the Mechanism, barrel, trigger, and supports. all i had left was the handle.
Haha it's the bullet that shoots guns!
NYPA An Villain5 years ago
I bet you were like WTF?
An Villain NYPA5 years ago
yes, it was cool though because it exploded and shot stuff everywhere, and then i died. 
cerj An Villain6 years ago
LOL It's a handle that shoots guns!
Skaptor cerj6 years ago
or a gun that shoots handles
An Villain cerj6 years ago
yep, the modified grenade launcher, uses shells.
Merugop6 years ago
Please better picture please
yeah cmon cerialy
cooldoodjak5 years ago
its a good try but i shot it and it exploded and badly broke 2 of my fingers hahahaha =D
Cam R6 years ago
It looks like a really cool gun, but I can not work out how to make the trigger! Could you post some more instructions for it?
mgbgt6 years ago
If you lower the stock and move it out a bit it is much easier to aim.
Dirtyboyy6 years ago
no ! , i have made this gun for test and the weel to hold the rubberbands breaks off ! :S wtf he can max shoot 50 feet ! :S allricht he is funny :D , bud try to make a better gun than that ( more stronger )
Acepilot426 years ago
are u 4 cerial? this was soooooooooooooooooooooo easy to build
DARNIT! i destroyed the gun just when i got the right RB's omg! lets builda again!
UZI dude6 years ago
cool gun
zapple6 years ago
veary unclear. how do you shoot it? let off the trigger?!? i need help!!!!!!!
well this is very late and you've probably already destroyed the gun but its semi automatic. you probably loaded it wrong if it doesn't work.
K-Dawg6 years ago
bad pic
K-Dawg6 years ago
need better pic!
The Jamalam6 years ago
Who posted it first?
Bwbt16 years ago
An Villain6 years ago
your black clips are red i notice
Knexagon (author) 7 years ago
To everyone: I am the laziest person ever I know, but I've been working other stuff now and have been to busy to care about knex. I am sorry for this and I may get back on some other time. My knex trebuchet is probably that last thing ill post for a while.
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
I made a different barrel for this to make it a pistol
just three yellow connectors on a blue and put it on the top blue rod where the original barrel was
it is the same using it just as a rubber band gun
I have not tested it with the bullets yet
so dont think I knew that the bullets had crappy range or not because I do not
I used average thick rubber bands, #64 I think
it does not work with the bullets
Is it TRULY semi auto? And does it not fire them all in a burst?
you can mod it slightly to burst fire it, but not recomended by me
bighead54546 years ago
i planning a nagat sniper or a mosin nagat which one i dont no which i should make first but i am thinkin of the sniper
do tou play cod waw?
that game rocks!
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
I gave this a solid, comfortable stock and two safeties
I Made this have a lot more power and 24 shots. should i post?
Please post! I also can't get the mechanism working properly!
Finally! sorry for the long wait. basically all i did was make the mag larger, and added three cogs to the back and made the trigger 3 thick so it can hold more pressure. I also lengthened the barrel so its more powerful.
semi auto photo.jpg
Interesting rubberband gun =) Care to share? ;D!
nah Its long gone now :-(
next time you make mods to something just posted just like i did
only that wasn't a mod
Bah its okies I built it from your picture... and the reload time is LONG... so i decided to blow it up cause I didnt really need that kind of gun...
Ok. But reloading time is the same per-bullet as the origonal......
post how to make it i_am_canadian
You joined on Johnny Ramone's birthday.
Sorry, I took it apart a long time ago.
How do you get three of the snowflakes with white rods on them down to only one trigger piece if you get me?
There are 3 trigger pieces also. the trigger is 3 thick. I made the back a yellow rod, so as to make room for the elastics on either side. so its a bit wider at the back than the rest of the body.
Also looks sweet as ever :D.
i moded this gun too bigger clip barrel is longer and I used a whole new firing mechanism should I post it good powerful smother firing bad jams :'(
i will, but I want to do a few more improvments, so I think I will be about 1 week. sereously.
Sooooo late lol. I have a picture of it though.
semi auto photo.jpg
not fair lol
Whats not fair?
you not posting it
yes please please i need pictures please!!!!
gahh! i was sure i uploaded a picture of it. o well, i will, but it might take a little while.
Look up the comments a bit i finnaly posted the pic of my semiauto.
Auto load6 years ago
hmmm... not good picture
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
I built it!!! I didnt think I had enough pieces, but I did! This was a lot bigger than I thought it would be
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
this is cool! too bad I cant build it at this time 5*s!
Oblivitus7 years ago
Here is my version. I have been slowly adding to it and modifying for about 6 months now.
Picture 001.JPG
Here is a picture of my new chamber design, it eliminates the need for a loading rod.
post that gun post that gun then again PLEASE post that gunn i REALLY wanna build it
Ehh, I've kind of moved on, I don't like this kind of firing anymore and have much more pratical guns I will be posting.
post post post post post
Are those links that u said the SAME firin mechanism?? RLLY WANNA BUILD!!
Can it even sh00t? It only shoots about 10 ft for me..
OMGF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which i load?! RB more backward on the wheel or just forward??!! Pissed off!
Oblivitus7 years ago
I modified this gun to stop the burst fire glitch, I added more power, a scope, made it easier to relaod, changed the stock, lengthened the clip, changed and lengthened the barrel, added the dessert buzzard handle as a foregrip, added a grenade launcher, and I think that it goes without saying that it now weighs a ton, lol. I will be posting some pictures in a week or 2, but I am still working on and will be posting other guns first, so my instructable should be coming out sometime before the end of this year.
how did u stop the fire glitch? plz react
I added scotch tape and anchored the rod that holds the snowflake mech to increase friction and reduce the spin speed.
Wich of the two rods
The rod that the snowflake connector with the 8 white rods on it spins on.
Great instructable but would it be possible to take some better pics or atleast describe the steps more. Thank you. 5*
not-killerk7 years ago
yo i just fifnished it and all i can say is..... HOLY CRAP THIS IS THE BEST GUN ON INSTRUCTABLES!!!!!!. LOL nd i mean it. its reliable, it shoots every time, it may take a while 2 reload, but still fairly powerfull. the sling shot technique is the best part cuz theres no worry about having to accellerate the ram. although not as ACCURATE as ram rifles, i would perfer this gun in any battles. after one shot my freind thinks im reloading ...think again beotch!!!!!!! lmfao
he didn't invent it, bedbugg did
who's bedbugg?
he's a guy, type in semi auto pistol and look for one which has a clip.
I thought he only used bedbuggs system?
true dat
Reiben7 years ago
confuseing here, u lost should look on youtube for his rifle its alot easyer.. im making this and gona mod it into a m1grand,.. might be the frst knex M1 grand
benfoxg Reiben7 years ago
I beat you. owned
Reiben benfoxg7 years ago
and when u posted that? i posted the mod 3 days after i said that on youtube...
benfoxg Reiben7 years ago
post me a link
Reiben benfoxg7 years ago
look for it ur self its on youtube -.-
Nice gun. I unloaded 7 rounds in approx 3.5 seconds (2 per second). Unfortunately, it took me 7 minutes to reload it. I'm going to be making a mod with a larger magazine to compinsate, maybe 14 or 21 rounds. Still my favourite gun though.
my fastest reload time was 3 min and 11 sec. although that was after about half a week of practice reloading the gun
I made one with 21 rounds.
semi auto photo.jpg
benboy2077 years ago
i built and i dont get how it fires
yerjoking7 years ago
just made a smaller version that fired grey single slot connectors, still shoots 7, just smaller and more compact
j-chode!7 years ago
This gun looks the part and I can see why its like, the 5th best on this site. However when I tried to build it, it just cried out destruction. It broke 2 white connectors when I tried to fire it. On the other hand, that is all probably because of the elastic bands I used. So good job.
yerjoking7 years ago
Uhh...How MAny Y-clips/connectors are there? I think theres 10, but i'm not sure, someone please help, thanks.
i counted 4
The 2 blue rods at the top need 2 each, and the handle needs a few, i think, they may just be used as spacer, but now i'm confused =S
srry 6 the handel needs 2 i modded the gun
show me a pic? plz
awesome, would you post it?
ill post this later on mayby tomaro if im bord enough and i modded it sence the pic
dude when you posting it, i can't wait much longer =[
srry il tr this week but my grandma just passed away and i was depresed
aww, sorry bout that =[
i got the pics but need the time
meh, given the circumstances take as long as you need
i dont have a good cara only a camra phone so ill make a detaled video of all the canges
1st pic gun 2nd pic i rule
mrbox7 years ago
By far this is my second favorite gun only to the three barreled knex gun... I like the feel of this knex gun but it is a pain to reload.... (When I say favorite i mean favorite to shoot not most powerful)
8 yellows and bowt 50 60 greens
Are you sure eight yellow connectors?? It looks like fifteenish~
not evan close 39 yellows
yerjoking7 years ago
aaaaand...The Barrel, is there three layers to it? or just two layers at the top and 3 layers at the bottom?

I love being a pest >=3
sampson6437 years ago
ryugatana7 years ago
favorite gun on whole site.
ME 2... BY FAR
sampson6437 years ago
this gun is CRAP!!
NO ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!!
I Blew Up7 years ago
sampson6437 years ago
I don't get it!!
knex217 years ago
good gun
mr box.............i made this and i counted exactly 8 but i cannot count greens lol.chip0152............they sit at the top of the barrel and a elastic band thats attached to the cog will fly off and hitting the bullet.
chip01527 years ago
hey how does the orange and gray bullet things fire out?
mrbox7 years ago
Just wondering for those who have built this.. How many green rods and yellow connectors are there cause im running low on yellow connectors and green rods
Stavroz7 years ago
coool looks good W00t!! :o
not-killerk7 years ago
did i mention it looks like an m16?
not-killerk7 years ago
holy crap dude get sme layers going, do a top view at least maybe some more pics.
ryugatana7 years ago
I just finished making this gun. I only have 4 rubber bands though, still awesome! Great instructions!
this is one of my favorite guns
ME tooooo
how did you make the middle layer of step 3?
Knexagon (author)  Knex Lego Maniac7 years ago
bedbugg27 years ago
hey knexagon can you add a link to the original...
Knexagon (author)  bedbugg27 years ago
step 8
Could you break down step 3 please,i cant see the middle layer
thx man
Show the layers!!!!
would it be possible to show the layers, i have a little difficulty understanding it
Yeah mee to
Good gun dude.I will try to make an m16 with burst fire
TheDunkis7 years ago
well honestly i wanted to make my own gun by myself using the rubber band mech (i'm trying to teach myself on maing good knex guns instead of learning) but from what i here im going to just build yours and mod it how i like seeing how i know this is already a great gun
Post Script7 years ago
Nice gun knexagon. rating +1
this is such a good gun!!
Vynash7 years ago
i built this yesterday and it rocks its better then bedbugs2's i think no offence bedbug
MrRadicalEd7 years ago
If some of you guys are having trouble putting this together, the original design can be found here complete with a video. Originally, it was designed as a rubber band gun.
T-Pak7 years ago
so i thought this would be a really sweet gun to make, so I made it. However, it fires really poorly for me. I use large rubberbands, but all that happens with that if i pull the trigger, they all fire at once and only one bullet gets shot. If i use lighter rubberbands, it still fires 2 rubberbands or so per bullet, and the range is lame.
Knexagon (author)  T-Pak7 years ago
could you post a picture
jli17 years ago
nice, looks hard to reload
ironman697 years ago
this is a very nice gun. and it is actually SEMI-AUTO:) one trigger pull one bullet or K'nex bullet +1
hey is it semi auto or do all shots shoot at the same time??? plz post
Knexagon (author)  iluvBillyandMandy7 years ago
It sometimes shoots in bursts. With heavy rubber bands.
i have normal rubber bands, and it fires all of them at the same time, but only 1 round
Knexagon (author)  ShadowChaosControl7 years ago
Does the internal trigger look like this or is it missing a green?
no, but i made it that way, it still fires off like 3 shots at a time though
Knexagon (author)  ShadowChaosControl7 years ago
Yeah it sometimes shoots in bursts, you could probably shorten the barrel so the cog wheel doesn't get over powered and shoot in bursts.
i'll try it
semi auto...did you even read the title?
supernova127 years ago
This gun is incredibly awesome. You can mod it to fire as many shots as you want, or to look however you want. I made 2 of them without stocks, and now i run around with two powerful semiautos in each hand. I love it!!!!
Knexagon (author)  supernova127 years ago
Knexagon (author) 7 years ago
worryrok4321- Knexagon on youtube is knexagon on instructables
this is a very gun. i haven't gotten around to building it yet, but i really want to. could i make this if i only have to knex from that green/purple knex roller coaster? btw, hail to the victors. Michigan just beat state 28-24.
Knexagon (author)  god_gave_knex_to_you7 years ago
I'm not quite sure ill try to get a parts list up, but that might take a while because I don't have the gun with me.
and i meant to say this is a very *nice* gun.
sorry. i meant if i only have *THE* knex from the roller coaster.
can someone list all the pieces need for this gonna be prepared . by the way great rifle.
Knexagon (author)  mega man 4bm7 years ago
The sniper or the rifle?
sessknock7 years ago
wait never mind i got it working and man it's awsome great gun 10/10 =D
sessknock7 years ago
hey love the gun looks awsome true trigger and the whole package of cool things but i got just 1 question when i pull the trigger my rubber band get jamed in the blue rod closest to the wheel and do not shoot out i was hoping 1 of u could tell me how to prevent this from happening so plz post soon thx =D
Does it matter with this gun if you have the little blue spacers? Because I don't have any of them, and i would like to build this gun. Would it be possible? ~DNC
Knexagon (author)  Does Not Compute7 years ago
It would work, but you would have to modify the trigger system a lot ( I try to modify it if you can't) reply -Knexagon
I managed to, but then after I looked through the instructions, I found out htat I don't have any of the newer pieces (Y shape, blue/gray rings), so I don't think I can make this gun
Knexagon (author)  Does Not Compute7 years ago
that sucks
The only problem is that I don't want to spend somewhere around $60 CAD (same in USD, if not less), on a knex set that costs $50-40 USD. I want to get the new parts, but I can't find any cheap sets that I could get those parts from (I have 2 of the ancient Knex Rubber Band Racers if that helps as to how old my Knex is)
Help would be appreciated, or I could just go back to my rubik's cube =-)
NackAttack7 years ago
Im new, this will be my first instructable but first i would like to complement Knex dragon for his work but i dont like the trigger so i modded my own anyhow i will be building and hopefully posting an autoloading machinegun sniper that ill start building tomorrow. I have taken ideas form Killerks, Gorkems, and yournameheres guns and hopefully i can create a good midpoint gun form theese thre fantastic guns. I have built an amazing crosbow that fires across my backyard with bolts that gave my friend a bruise the size of 1 and a half quarters :) if you want me to post that ill try to gte right on it:)
Knexagon (author)  NackAttack7 years ago
Alright (It's Knexagon or is there a Knex dragon?)
srry i meant u but there is a knex dragon
Fresh947 years ago
This gun is great. I built it and i modded a few things but i love this gun and its awsome. (ps im new here)
k thx nice gun by the way check out mine.........lol its not interesting at all its my first instructable and first homemade knex gun lol http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Last-Resort-knex-gun/
THIS THING IS SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!! now i just hav to get around to building it lol
kingbif7 years ago
i made a video of it!
crestind7 years ago
mikeydwg7 years ago
nice gun!! its awsome
Kaiven7 years ago
i like how it has an actual magazine, real bullets
knexguy7 years ago
nice! this is better than the first design, and the idea of a burst gun is quite complex too!
Knexagon (author) 7 years ago
Actually since the rubber bands are so heavy it fires in bursts of 2-3 making this gun considered a fully automatic/semi-burst rifle
Knexagon (author)  Knexagon7 years ago
/ means or
Danny7 years ago
this is pretty cool
oodalumps7 years ago
Definition of semi-auto

It looks like a good gun anyways. Better than the first one with that design. And I like the bullets.