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Introduction: Semi Truck With Trailer Instruction

Here is the full step by step instruction of my truck with trailer. More pictures are on

At first the trailer step 1 till 3. And then the truck step 3 till 6.

Step 1: Trailer

At first the trailer axle for the wheels. Build it and put together. Per axle 2 blue spacers and 2 large wheels.

Step 2: Trailer

Next: Build the trailer back, trailer front and the trailer legs.

Step 3: Trailer

Build the trailer. Let a space free for the legs. Add the back, front and legs from step 2 to the trailer. Add the axle of wheels from step 1 to the white rods.

Step 4: Truck

And now the truck step by step. At first the steering.

Step 5: Truck

Now build the rear axle with the mechanism to attach the trailer at the truck. And add all to the steering from step 4.

Step 6: Truck

And the last step. Always alternately: build and add to the model.

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You stole this from "The K'NEX Book Of BIG Ideas"!! I know becauseIi own the book and have built this myself!!

4 replies

First, I had just posted photos, see the link in the text. There I've also written that this is the truck from the instructionbook of the blue case. However, I modified the truck as I've added a steering. If you had studied my instructions exactly, you would have noticed it. The trailer is not from a manual. I'm not own The K'NEX book of big ideas but i would like to have it.

Well it looks really similar. The K'NEX Book Of BIG Ideas is actually pretty old and contains a few instructions for; this, a viking ship, a motorized robot (& a snail), and a helicopter. I have no doubt some of the people on this site could make them all in less than an hour.

Could you maybe upload a scan? I would like to see the instruction of this truck. I don't know where I can get the K'NEX Book Of Big Ideas.

Ok. I'll see what I can do. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I haven't been on instructables in a couple years and am just now getting back into the community.

Looks awesome. A few years ago i made a big recovery truck using the same truck front as this. Take a look at it as i'm about to upload pictures of it.

Great build and well documented, looks awesome!

Very nice! Good photos to show the construction process. :-)