Picture of Semi truck with trailer instruction
Truck (3).JPG
Here is the full step by step instruction of my truck with trailer. More pictures are on http://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Truck-with-Trailer/

At first the trailer step 1 till 3. And then the truck step 3 till 6.

Step 1: Trailer

Picture of Trailer
axle for wheels 2.JPG
axle for wheels 3.JPG
At first the trailer axle for the wheels. Build it and put together. Per axle 2 blue spacers and 2 large wheels.
nerd973 years ago
You stole this from "The K'NEX Book Of BIG Ideas"!! I know becauseIi own the book and have built this myself!!
abahn (author)  nerd973 years ago
First, I had just posted photos, see the link in the text. There I've also written that this is the truck from the instructionbook of the blue case. However, I modified the truck as I've added a steering. If you had studied my instructions exactly, you would have noticed it. The trailer is not from a manual. I'm not own The K'NEX book of big ideas but i would like to have it.
nerd97 abahn3 years ago
Well it looks really similar. The K'NEX Book Of BIG Ideas is actually pretty old and contains a few instructions for; this, a viking ship, a motorized robot (& a snail), and a helicopter. I have no doubt some of the people on this site could make them all in less than an hour.
abahn (author)  nerd973 years ago
Could you maybe upload a scan? I would like to see the instruction of this truck. I don't know where I can get the K'NEX Book Of Big Ideas.
nerd97 abahn11 months ago

Ok. I'll see what I can do. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I haven't been on instructables in a couple years and am just now getting back into the community.

mulletman63 years ago
Looks awesome. A few years ago i made a big recovery truck using the same truck front as this. Take a look at it as i'm about to upload pictures of it.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Great build and well documented, looks awesome!
canucksgirl3 years ago
Very nice! Good photos to show the construction process. :-)