Semi Automatic Knex Gun





Introduction: Semi Automatic Knex Gun

About: I'm 17 year old. I like to inventing new knex things (mostly weaponary :p)

Making The Handle

Step 1:

make all this

Step 2:

make this

Step 3:


Step 4:


Step 5:


Step 6:


Step 7:




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    if you want an example of a TRUE semi auto (i've tested it myself, it's pretty good) here is a link:
    if you haev enough rubber bands on it, it's pretty powerful
    i would recommend you build it and tell me if you like it

    This isn't semi it's got a ramrod that you have to pull back each time

    dang i wish i could post on everybodys instructable person page " people! semi-auto guns are guns that fire multiple times without reloading or pulling back the firing pin".

    This is not a true semi auto gun most people believe that a semi auto gun is a gun that loads the bullet automatically when you pull the pin back but this is not true. A semi automatic gun loads the bullet (or pulls back the firing pin) when the trigger is released which makes it so all you need to do to fire is pull and release the trigger.

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    its not semi- auto, its a block trigger. and the gun has to shoot by pulling the trigger and it has to shoot without releasing the trigger. If you have to release the trigger to shoot, its really a repeater.

    I guess its just that its very annoying to me when people post comments putting down block triggers block triggers was the first trigger on a knex gun and that it should be shown respect plus its not someone's fault if they cant come up with anything better, because if it works, use it block triggers should not be insulted because of what they are

     Block trigger racism but Dj is right Block triggers are really cheap you just need some creativity....

    you ever thought some people might like a real trigger to allow them the feel of a real gun

    I know, everyone is entitled to their own opinions
    I myself like true triggers and think they are superior, but there are good things about block triggers and they were the "founding fathers" of knex guns

    yeh i know most of guns that i randomly make have block triggers or i just use some1 elses true trigger :P